Thursday, 15 September 2011

NicaBell is an addict of...

(Copied from my old blog I am moving my blog!!!) 

Yes I am an addict. I have to admit that my addiction is severe enough, my mom cannot stops me.

I am an avid Cabal Online Player. I am a CabalSEA player and I am not going to say which server I am in. I love playing this game so much, I have invested a tons of my hard earn monthly pay on this game. I never play WOW or DOTA, but Cabal is the best game I have ever played! I have played JIN O. , AIKA, Ragnarok, Atlantic, and some other that I don't remember the name any more. I must say, nothing can beat of Cabal so far. Of course this is just me lah.

I am also an addict for manga. I love NarutoKimi Ni TodokeAlice AcademyHot Gimmick, etc.

Picnic! I love picnic by the sea and river. But I love rivers better. I cannot stand the heat at the beach and the salty air. I used to go camping on my college years. But I stop right after college. I do enjoy camping but the mosquitoes are torturing me! I do miss camping though.

Sleepzzz.. Yes, I do have sloth in me. I love sleeping so much, sometimes I don't feel like go to work. But I have to! I got debts to deal with!!

I am addicted to the internet. I must have a daily dose of Facebook, Youtube, games, etc. If I would lost internet connection, I would really depressed. Or I could just sleep all day. Which is better than harming myself. XD
I cannot deal with going to the mall without buying one thing at all. I need to satisfy my crave of buying something home. At least a small packet of candies. Then I wouldn't eat it. left it for years and years and years till it expire. ROFL!

My boyfie. He is my chubby bunny! I used to be skinny and he could easily hurt me when he hugs me. But when I got into bigger size, he would hugs me without the need for him to be scared thathe will hurt me.
Haha! So these are my addiction.

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