Sunday, 22 April 2012

March 2012: NicaBell's Blogshop Haul

Hiya guys!

I am super excited with this post! I bragged about this blogshop that I have been eyeing, the SyiokSendiriSisters(SSS)? Guess what peeps! I had just received the parcel from them! Well not exactly "just received" it. I got my parcel around the first week of March. It was only until today I have time to tell you peeps what I got from that parcel >.<

I have known this blogshop for so long but only bought thing for them when I started to know makeup better and found that they sell beauty items much cheaper than other blogshops that I've known (but never bought from them anyway.)

I bought these awesome items from SSS and I am loving them already!

ELF Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection <>

The brush set suppose to have these 11 pieces of brushes:-
1. Eyeshadow "C" brush;
2. Complexion Brush;
3. Small Angled Brush;
4. Small Smudge Brush;
5. Fan Brush;
6. Powder Brush;
7. Angled Foundation Brush;
8. Concealer Brush;
9. Small Precision Brush;
10. Blush Brush;
11. Contouring Brush 

Flie from SyiokSendiriSisters had recommended me to this set of brushes in the past. I do own brushes but not complete set like this. However, I do get 2 small angled brush and no small precision brush. I did not put the blame on the blogshop cause I did some research on the net about these brushes and there are people who have the same problem like me when they order them directly from

Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) <>

This UDPP is the I was most exciting about because it is my first purchase of my first primer. It's lovely that I got two colors of eyeshadow sample. I have Retrograde & Space Cowboy. I don't really excited with Retrograde because it is a shade of purple that I will not go for. It's to bland for a purple. I like stronger or darker shade of purple like eggplant type of purple and darker. But I do love the Space Cowboy. It is a champagne-beige-nude type of color but there are shimmer in the color. 

Brush Guards <>

I ordered 4 sets of brush guard which are the shadow/liner pack, foundation pack, blush pack and powder/kabuki pack. It is not easy to get this here in Malaysia. If there are people selling this around here, it will be super expensive.

ELF Essential Holiday Beauty Eye Book Natural Eye <>


- I helped my friend to buy this. She have been looking for natural eyeshadow shades. 

There are instruction how to properly use the eyeshadow and I think she will love it for it. 

There goes my late March Haul and going to post my April haul sooner. Ciao!!!



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