Wednesday, 4 July 2012

June 2012: NicaBell's Syiok Sendiri Sisters Haul

This is a late post of my June purchase with Syiok Sendiri Sisters. (^-^)

If you read my previous posts, you'll know how I adore the Syiok Sendiri Sisters! They sell items and had opened many exciting spree, which I found, with amazingly affordable price. Too bad they are on a "Temporary Partial Hiatus" as they call it. No spree will be open until further notice. I hope they'll be back on business as soon as possible.

So I joined their Ecotools, RealTechniques & Badger Balm Spree Order. I was on a small budget at the time, so I only get a little items in the spree.

I always wanted to get Ecotools but I don't want to spend my limited budget on things that I not necessarily needed. I already own a complete set of brushes from the ELF Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection, so there are no brushes that I really need from Ecotools. But I do love to get my hands on the Limited Edition Beautiful Expressions Kabuki Set! Then again, I don't own any mineral product that I could use the kabuki set with.

These are all I got from SSS that I received on 4 June 2012^^

The white bag at the back is actually poly pellets that I ordered from SSS. I use the poly pellets as filler beads to hold my brushes like this. I haven't start using it at the moment because I haven't have the idea how to sort out my makeup storage. Oh! They are not apart of the spree. 

I have problem with focusing on my work sometimes. I think it is due to stress! I bought Focus Balm by Badger Balm! I didn't buy the Stress Soother because I can get anything with lavender or chamomile smells in them. I do love Palmolive Aromatherapy Shower Gel for Anti-stress.

RealTechniques by Samantha Chapman - Lash/Brow Groomer
RealTechniques by Samantha Chapman - Expert Face Brush

I got 2 brushes from the RealTechniques brushes. RealTechniques are high-tech brushes designed by a pro MUA of 15 years, Samantha Chapman. Before I confirmed my purchase to Flie, I didn't know who Samantha Chapman is. I live in Sabah(Northern Borneo), Malaysia. How do I know who Samantha Chapman, who live in the UK? Well I just guess Samantha Chapman is someone famous, which I didn't really care much at the time. I only know who Samantha Chapman is after watching Wayne Goss of gossmakeupartist made review on these brushes.
I was interested with the brushes because they are simply unique! They look cute too! And it really hard to find this kind of lash-brow groomer in my hometown. It was always in my wish list since I watch a particular video from Wayne Goss from gossmakeupartist in Youtube, titled The New Way To Apply Mascara. 
And before I decided to get the Expert Face Brush, I was thinking of getting their Stippling Brush. I want to try it to see and to compare it with my MAC 187 and my ELF Studio powder brush (Which I personally name it flat-top kabuki). But then again, Wayne Goss video titled 10 Ways to Apply Foundation, changed my mind. He compared the Expert Face Brush to his high-end brush, which the bristles are made of goat hair. What Wayne Goss suggested, I would get my hands on them! 

That's all for June Haul! Till then^^ 



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