Saturday, 1 October 2011

Woot! Woot! – America’s Next Top Model All-Star Cycle

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So I was browsing videos on youtube and guess what! There will be an ALL STAR CYCLE!!!

Yay! I know, I know.. Most of you may think that I might b the last person on earth to know this but I do not lives in the United State of America sand we do not receives satellite channels from there either. And I rarely what tv! Poor me~
Below are the list of the All Star Cycle contestant
  1. Shannon Ratliff, runner-up for Cycle 1
  2. Camile McDonald, 5th place in Cycle 2
  3. Brittany Brower, 4th place in Cycle 4
  4. Lisa D'Amato, 6th place in Cycle 5
  5. Brittany "Bre" Scullark, 3rd place in Cycle 5
  6. Bianca Golden, 4th place in Cycle 9
  7. Dominique Reighard, 4th place in Cycle 10
  8. Isis King, 10th place in Cycle 11
  9. Sheena Sakai, 6th place in Cycle 11
  10. Allison Harvard,  runner-up in Cycle 12
  11. Laura Kirkpatrick, runner-up in Cycle 13
  12. Angelea Preston, 4th place in Cycle 14
  13. Kayle Ferrel, 4th place in Cycle 15
  14. Alexandria Everett, 4th place in Cycle 16
I am dissapointed that Tocarra Jones, Yaya Dacosta, Joanie Dodds, Mellrose Bickerstaff, Fatima Siad, and my top favorite Natasha Galkina! Where are they!!! I demand Tyra Bank made another All Star Cycle in the near future featuring these models!
So back to the topic, my favorite all the 14 fan favorite contestants are Brittany from Cycle 4, Isis King from Cycle 11, Sheena Sakai from Cycle 6, Allison Harvard from Cycle 12, Laura Kirkpatrick from Cycle 13 and Angelea Preston from Cycle 14.
The only one I don't like is Alexandria Everett from Cycle 16. Don't get wrong there.. I don't like her not because she has no talent. I know that she can model very well. She is beautiful and her beauty is so unique, she is worthy for a spot in the competition. It's just that, I don't like her attitudes when she was on the Cycle 16. Maybe I misunderstood her like she said in the America's Next Top Model All-Star Gallery, and the episodes in the ANTM shows were edited heavily as well (for the rating purposes perhaps). Bit I just don't like what I see on the cycle about her. Oh! I do love her shot and how she handle the jaguar on Cycle 16's 5th Episode.
I hope that someone could post ANTM All Star Cycle 17 as soon as possible! I can't wait to watch them!!!
That's all for now~


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