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Monday 14 January 2013

Merry Day, Merry 2013!!!!

I broke my eyeglasses. Is that enough to justify the reason of my MIA? 

Don't throw tomatoes on me, please! 

Please accept my apology!!! 

I swear by the moon and the sun in the sky, I did not get caught up with my addiction with mangas or Running Man or anything that spell FUN! 

You know how the end of the year was the most stressing and busiest time in the bank. That was how I was, accept I did not work in the bank. Lol! 

Okay~ That is not really funny at all. I was busy with my boss' promotion. Yay! My boss was not the only one who got the promotion's burden, I got them as well. 


Another year has passed and I got great news! My weight is 65-freaking-KILOGRAMS! So my actual height is 5ft 4in with 65kg of weight. My doctor said that I need to loose another 3kg or 4kg to have a normal BMI. But I like aiming higher.Thus, as my 2013 resolution, I would like to loose 6 or 8 more kilos before the end of the year. I have threw a wishing coin in a well - all happened in my mind, ONLY!

And since I lose my weight, colleague from the other departments had been praising that my acne problem had calmed down. Something that I have been thanking God these few days since New Year.

I have finally bought some new blouse because I am finally happy to buy some. 

I am still busy with my works at office and went to sleep as soon as I reach home. That is probably one of the many reason I lose weight. Therefore, you'll expect me to post lesser this year. I hope this fatigue-ness and busy-ness is just temporary. AT LEAST only on this first quarter of the year. But I doubt it~

Till then,


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