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NicaBell Disclaimer

Please note that all of the items that featured in my blog are all bought with my own (hard earn) money. I am new in this blogging world so my traffic is not high. So there is no way anyone would interested to pay me to promote their stuff.

I am not in any way to brag about the things I spend on or my knowledge. I love doing essays and this is how I am doing my essays using the topic that I love. This is kind of my open beauty diaries and I am here to share what I know.

If there is any items featured here are items that I got without paying; or get it as a prize; or someone give it to me; or any thing that I got free of charge, I will put "NicaBell Got It FOC" on the title of the entry.

Anything and everything that I post in this blog are not facts but merely my personal opinion. I apologize if I didn't like the items and give bad reviews on them. I will share my most honest opinions and hope that would not offend any parties.

Every single person have different skin types, color, allergies and preferences. What bad for me might not be bad for you and vice versa. I will not discourage or encourage people to use any product that featured here. However, I will give some ideas of which product people might interested to use.

Feel free to comment, rate, and share my blog.

I will be very appreciate your support.
(even the negative one^^)

Update 19September2012: as in this date, I'll delete any spam comments or any questionable spam. Any offensive comments that I felt like attacking a certain individuals, groups, ethnic, figure, race, and beliefs will also be deleted. Please practice healthy interactions. Thanks!

Many thanks

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