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NicaBell Introduction

Name: NicaBell

Date of birth: 14 April 1988

Gender: Female

Height: 5 feet 3"

Weight: 68Kg (updated on: 11Aug 2012)

Hometown: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Ancestry background: Sino-DusunKadazan (my father is a Bruneian Hainanese, my mother is from Dusun, Kadazan and an unknown Chinese ethnic descent.)

Skin type: Sensitive, oily-combination, acne prone. Dry pathces on my forehead, cheeks area around the ears, under the eyes, temples. Oily on the nose, eyelids, the apple of the cheeks area.)

Skin tone: lighter than the olive tone. My foundations are usually range from sand to medium beige. (My current foundation is the Revlon PhotoReady 008 Golden Beige)

I blog anonymously but I am a proud Sabahan blogger. English was my favorite subject and essay writing was my favorite class. Thus, explain why I use English in my blog instead of Sabahan Malay.

I got the name NicaBell because boyfie's name is Nic. I add 'a bell' because I always love the sound when people say the word 'bell' or 'belle' and the name 'abel'. I wanted to use 'Ring A Bell' as my blog name but decided it sounds awkward to me. Then I replace 'ring' to 'Nic'. Thus, created the NicaBell. :)

Describe Yourself:
- I like shopping. And I think it is quite normal for anyone to like to shop.
- I like beauty product especially those that affordable one but have good quality.
- I am talkative and when I write, I would ramble a lot like I am actually 'talk' - I am an optimistic person which sometimes annoy my mother. She said I have a perfect life which only exist in my head.
- I am quite sarcastic. I didn't try to be sarcastic but a lot of things that came out of my mouth sounds mean. Even it is as a joke. But actually I have a good heart. I have no proof but I believe I have a good heart. *making angelic faces*
- But I am honest when giving any opinion.
- I like to learn new things and share my knowledge to the world also. If anyone needs any :D

-I used to be an inactive blogger. But I am planning to change that. I used Blogger before and then I turn to Wordpress But found it to be difficult to use and the comments I received were all spam!!
- This is a beauty blog where I share about stuff that I bought, tried and giving my beauty ideas. - I will include my honest review on the stuff that I try.
- Most of the items I show in this blog are items that I bought with my hard earn money. - Free stuff that I was given will be note as "NicaBell Got It FOC"
- I won't talk about any politic in here because I do not have the brain to digest the drama of politics..
- Some random things that happen to me and anything that fascinates me might be included.

I am quite new to blogging so I am still in the process of learning. And English is not my first language. Therefore, if any of you find some mistakes, mis-spelling or grammar error, please tell me. And I am very sorry in advance!

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  1. Hi Nicabell, nice blog you have here :)

    1. Oh! my fav Sabahan blogger commented my blog! Thanks msaudreyc. Please enjoy reading my blogs^_^

  2. I like reading your blog. Just the opposite of you, I switch from blogger to wordpress. Just like the simple interface in wordpress. I'll keep on reading, not many sabahan provide good details/reviews about the stuff around here. Keep up the good work =)

    1. Thank you for the support and kind word, Lauretta97. Wordpress is quite complicated to me. May be just because I am already too familiar with blogger. And I got too many spam in Wordpress also. I just don't know how to stop them. :)


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