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Saturday, 30 June 2012

NicaBell: Rules on beauty? Wha..?

Do you have beauty rules? Or are you following any beauty rules?

Apart from the 3 steps regime, I don't have any particular beauty rules.

You don't need to stick on one face wash day and night. You can use 2 face wash: one in the morning, another one at night. Pick a simple, gentle, mild, non creamy one in the morning. I use Simple "Kind To Skin" Refreshing Face Wash or Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser. Then you can use a heavier one, creamy, chemical scrub, etc in the evening. I use Hada Labo Tamagohada AHA+BHA Face Wash- chemical scrubs. If you are super oily, you can wash your face 3 times a day. I used to do it when my face was super oily. But I use the same face wash I use in the morning and never skip toner and moisturizer after that.

If you have dry skin, you can skip this one because toner usually make your skin drier. However, if the idea makes you cringe, not to worry, you can always opt for the Japanese lotion like the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion for example. It moisturize the skin so well! Oily peeps can use it also. But I opt for regular mild soothing toner like Simple "Kind To Skin" Soothing Toner and double with Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion when I need more moisture.

I have 2 moisturizers that I use back and forth depending on the condition of my skin.
When I have dry patches, I'll use Simple "Kind To Skin" Hydrating Light Moisturizer.
But regular basis, I'll use my new favorite Simple "Clear Skin" Oil Balancing Moisturizer.
When I feel like I need more moisture I'll use my Garnier Aqua Defense Non-Stop Moisturizing Essence as my serum.

Who say oily peeps can only use clay masque to reduce oil. Oily skin doesn't mean your skin are hydrated enough. You still need hydrating masque, just make sure you pick the one that suitable for oily or acne prone skin. I use my Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask one a month or when I have time!

Do you shampoo your hair after conditioner or the other way around? I always put conditioner on my hair first before shampooing. My reason is because I use anti-dandruff shampoo. And I beat the odds doing that! I know some peeps will say: "hey! dandruff peeps shouldn't use conditioner, it worsen't your dandruff prob!" Well I say: "What! a bluff!" I doubt that conditioner the cause of dandruff. If it does, why didn't my dandruff gets better when I quit using conditioner then? Any doubts that you have, put conditioner ONLY on your hair, NEVER on the scalp! Wait for a minute or 3 - brushing teeth or wash your face. Rinse the hair and shampoo your scalp. SHAMPOO YOUR SCALP INSTEAD OF YOUR HAIR. The lather will slide on it's own when you rinse.

Do you use lotion or body oil? I prefer using body oil than lotion. Most lotion are sticky or wear off after hand washing. I use Johnson baby oil (The feather white cap or lavender purple cap) after shower. I don't dry my skin with towel but put oil directly onto the skin.

I think that is all my beauty "defy the rules" rules. LoL! If you have your beauty rules or any odd rules or perhaps you have anything to share, don't be shy to comment here.



Tuesday, 26 June 2012

NicaBell Review: Simple Skincare REGENERATION Age Resisting Eye Cream

I work in an air-condition office and work with computer all day everyday.

My face is naturally oily but change as I get older. The changes of weather and working environment helps with the changes on my skin too. 

The are some dry area around my face that includes the skin around my eyes. 

I love the Simple Skincare for their Kind To Skin range. It might not help to fight my acne but it calms down my angry skin. I have less acne and less problem with dryness as well. 

So this Eye Cream is my first from the Regeneration range from Simple Skincare. 

I bought this eyecream just because I love the Kind To Skin range so much and thought the other Simple range will be awesome too. This the one product I can use from the Regeneration range. 

What it says on the box: Smile, it's simple. When your skin's happy and looking youthful, you feel healthier and happier too! Our Regeneration Age Resisting Age Resisting Eye Cream is a special blend of active ingredients that repair and protects the delicate skin around your eyes. Perfect for even sensitive skin. 


             GREEN TEA EXTRACT fights premature aging
             MUSHROOM EXTRACT and GINKGO BILOBA refine and regenerate 
             SHEA BUTTER nurtures and replenishes
             OAT-BETA GLUCAN and ALLANTOIN gently soothe and reduce sensitivity
(2)         VITAL VITAMINS
              PRO-VITAMINS B5 and VITAMIN E soften, smooth and improve skin condition
(0)         NO PERFUME, NO COLOUR 
              NO UNNECESSARY or HARSH CHEMICALS so won't upset your skin. 

INGREDIENTS:  Aqua, Cyclomethicone, Glyceryl Stearate, Butylene Glycol, Fomes Officinalis Extract, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Cetyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Panthenol, Stearyl Alcohol, Carbomer, PEG-100 Stearate, Methylparaben, Sodium Hydroxide, Allantoin, Bisabolol, Camelia Sinesis Extract, Chlorhexidine Digluconate, Disodium EDTA, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Mica, PEG-40 Hydrogenated, Castor Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Lactic Acid, Titanium Dioxide, Glycerin, Avena Sativa Kernel Extract, Sodium Benzoate, Pantolactone, Potassium Sorbate, Chlorphenesin, Citric Acid, Sorbic Acid. 

What NicaBell Say: I will be lying if I say this product is great. It's good but not great. It's good because it have all those natural ingredients that helps to soothe and moisturize the delicate skin around the eyes.  I have fine lines on the inner corner of the undereye. I have used this about 2 months but still no physical result. May be I should give it another month or so to see if the fine lines will the gone or at least slightly reduce. It is not moisturizing enough, at least for me. I think the eye cream from Avene that I used before is much more moisturzing than this one. But still the best choice for people with sensitive skin on the budget. I don't get milia seeds either (the one thing I concern most!) I have to remind your peeps that this eyecream contain tiny particles of glitter. I don't know why they put them in there or may be there are ingrediants in the product that produce those glitters. But I think the glitters act at light reflector to make your eyes look healthier, brighter and look moisturize. That sounds brilliant and bad at the same time. Brilliant because you can fake the healthy look at times your eyes look dead and tired. Bad because for those you didn't aware of the glitters, they would think 'Oh! my eyes looks healthier and moisturized!' To be honest, we look the result first before feeling the changes on our skin, right? 

I rate this product a 3.5 out of 5. Just cause it is cheap and a great option of those who have sensitive skin. I feel for you, it's not easy to find product that can be used on sensitive skin with such a small price tag. It's easy to get as well in Watson. Guardian and in any drugstore in Malaysia. It's in small 15ml tube with small nozzle to control the amount of product you need. 

Thus the end of my rant. Give some comments on my post peeps! 



Tuesday, 12 June 2012

NicaBell Review: Leptin Green Coffee 1000 (Day 19)

Hiya peeps!

A typhoon hit KK city this morning. The clouds in the sky looked eerily crazy, yet beautiful at the same time. The sky was like looking like tsunami waves; only that they were on the sky.
My office is near to the Likas Bay, which you might guess, near to the sea - facing the South China Sea, shaken by the strong winds. I was looking at the sea, the sky was dark and made the sea water looked greenish blue. So I took some picture of the sea because it was so beautiful. While I admire the view from my office, I heard some clacking sound. I tried to look for the cause of the sound in my office but fail. But I discover my reflection on the window of my office was shaking. I was curious and touched the glass with my hands, and I flinched back! The clacking sound was actually made by the glass of the window. This was only mean one thing, a strong typhoon was hitting KK! I was so scared but didn't dare to go home either. I just sit in the office and pray that the building is safe. Luckily, I am still alive at the moment. Hah!

So back to the topic. Yes! It's the 19th day since my first sachet of the Leptin Green Coffee 1000.

I must admit, I was skeptical of the product but still want to try what it promised.

Must I mention I HATE caffeinated drinks. Coke, green tea, black tea, coffee, etc. I hate caffeinated drinks not because I am afraid I can't sleep well at night. I can still sleep even after a cup of coffee (but not green tea. Green tea's caffeine must be too high, they made me super hyper!)
I hate caffeinated drinks because they made me have a gastric. Caffeine seems to be the trigger for my gastric so I always avoid it. However, Leptin Green Coffee 1000 which stated contains caffeine DOES NOT cause any gastric for me! Yay!

Claim to suppress appetite which I agree. I eat less now. Drink a sachet of the green coffee in a 100ml hot water, 30 minutes before breakfast. I didn't feel hungry at lunch time, but still take a glass of hot chocolate (MILO) or Nestum. I only eat my heavy meal (in lesser portion than I used to) on the evening before 6pm.
I didn't have supper at night time like I often did.

I didn't do any heavy workout but I did some walks in my office.

I didn't experience any diarrhea or constipation after consuming the green coffee.

In short, I have pretty normal daily routine like before having green coffee apart from the meal details.

The agent that provide me the product claim that the green coffee helps to reduce your weight up to 10kg after 18 days. Unfortunately, my result is not the same.

I did lost 2kg though^^

I didn't know how to drink the product the first half of the 18 days. I drank it will half warm water and drinks cold water for the rest of the day. I think that might be the cause of the problem because the product seems to work on me after I consume it with hot boiling water and only drink warm water all the time.

I was kind of upset that I only lost 2kg and not 10kg. But hey! I cheer myself up by thinking, I could never be able to loose 2kg without the product.

So I am now in my 2nd box and will be updating when my weight drop again.



Update 2: Leptin Green Coffee 1000 (My Final Say)

Update 9Aug2012: Here is the link to the review of the Malaysian brand slimming drink I have tried: Passion Slim (renamed to Passion Slinn) It is a good choice if you encountered the same unsatisfactory result from Leptin Green Coffee 1000.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

NicaBell Review: MAC Fix+

Good day peeps!

So I was looking on to my stuff the other day and saw my MAC Fix+ on my desk remember that I have never had the chance to give my on thought on this amazing product in here.

Though I love my Fix+, I still don't think it worth all the hype.

It claim to fix the make up, helps to hold the make up for hours, make your skin glow, and calming as well as freshen your skin with the goodness they had in the bottle.

I have to say, all of the claim I stated there is true except for the one it say "hold the make up for hours"? Sorry to say mate, loose powder can help better with that than the Fix+.

If you love powder product like compact powder foundation, mineral powder, loose powder, loose pigment, etc. Then you'll be glad you have this is on your vanity. It helps to set powder product so it stick to your skin, not to make it stay longer, but to look naturally belong to your skin.

You know when you use too much powder foundation and you look like the chinese vampire/zombie. You can use Fix+ to tone it down so your powder foundation look natural.

However, if you have oily skin, this product is definitely a no-no. It makes your skin looking dewy. Oily and dewy does not sounds looks good together.

To say it calming and freshen your face, I don't know about calming, but I felt using some plain water in a spray bottle can do just the same to freshen you face. But it smell nice. It's not some over-whelming flowery scent. It's more like cucumber juice. So in term of the smell, I would definitely say: YES! it's calming and refreshing.

To use this product properly, you should put it on an elbow length distance, and spray 3-5 spritz, depending how small or big your face is. If you spritz the spray too near to your face, there will be a high probability that you'll hate the result.

It will be sticky, uncomfortable, felt heavy and felt like there are something dirty on your face.

Overall, if you ask me to rate it, I'll give it 3.5/5.

I have oily combination skin but still loving it when I use powder product. Thus the rate^^



Sunday, 3 June 2012

NicaBell: Samantha Brick

Hello peeps!

I LOVE Yahoo!'s Shine~

Yes I really do. The website is very informative especially for the beauty column. I will read every beauty article every now and then. I even bookmark some article that I love (but found out some of them are already removed by now.)

The other day I was surfing on the website, I came across with an article Don't Hate Me Cause I'm Beautiful: Inside the Samantha Brick Controversy. So, I don't know who is this Samantha Brick person. I don't what she looks like but for sure she is some white lady.

Then, I went to Google to look for her DailyMail article here.

I read her article and felt like she is still living in high school. I mean she was discriminated by some of her peers and talked down on.

There are picture of her. She might not have the perfectly toned figure, elongated legs, the delicious full lips, etc etc; she is still considered as a beautiful lady. You peeps might say I am blind, which is quite true as I have spectacles; or that I haven't seen her face to face, well at least that mean she is photogenic. Right?

Oh! You might also say that I haven't seen a lot foreigners just because I haven't went out of Malaysia. But I always have the internet to see the bad, the ugly and the beast.

She might sound arrogant in her article but she sound like someone who is genuinely self-confident. Well that is what any beautiful, attractive ladies do.

It is shocking (for me at least) that this confident woman is hated by the netizens. Some even say " ...this woman is not even remotely attractive, at least by the standard of NY city."
Com'on man, don't compare her to those NY model like ladies. You'd make all other women all around the girl felt bad for ourselves!

There is also a person suggest Brick in the comment to invest in a mirror. If Brick really is paranoid, self-centered, so full of herself, believe me man, you don't want her to invest in a mirror. It will only worsen her narcissism.

I do not know her personally and I would want to. I want to know how she interact with people that resulted her being shun by other women. I would like to know if I would despise her for her look or her attitude.


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