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Monday 14 January 2013

Merry Day, Merry 2013!!!!

I broke my eyeglasses. Is that enough to justify the reason of my MIA? 

Don't throw tomatoes on me, please! 

Please accept my apology!!! 

I swear by the moon and the sun in the sky, I did not get caught up with my addiction with mangas or Running Man or anything that spell FUN! 

You know how the end of the year was the most stressing and busiest time in the bank. That was how I was, accept I did not work in the bank. Lol! 

Okay~ That is not really funny at all. I was busy with my boss' promotion. Yay! My boss was not the only one who got the promotion's burden, I got them as well. 


Another year has passed and I got great news! My weight is 65-freaking-KILOGRAMS! So my actual height is 5ft 4in with 65kg of weight. My doctor said that I need to loose another 3kg or 4kg to have a normal BMI. But I like aiming higher.Thus, as my 2013 resolution, I would like to loose 6 or 8 more kilos before the end of the year. I have threw a wishing coin in a well - all happened in my mind, ONLY!

And since I lose my weight, colleague from the other departments had been praising that my acne problem had calmed down. Something that I have been thanking God these few days since New Year.

I have finally bought some new blouse because I am finally happy to buy some. 

I am still busy with my works at office and went to sleep as soon as I reach home. That is probably one of the many reason I lose weight. Therefore, you'll expect me to post lesser this year. I hope this fatigue-ness and busy-ness is just temporary. AT LEAST only on this first quarter of the year. But I doubt it~

Till then,



Saturday 15 December 2012

November Haul: NicaBell's TBS & Watson Haul

I didn't buy much for November Haul. I am trying to really squeeze my budget because.... heck! I always tried to squeeze my budget but fail miserably.

Hah! Boyfie even teased me saying I kept on a non-existent budget.

Heh! Like he can kept his...

Boys will be boys, so lets move on to my November Haul!

TBS - Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask

RM 53.90
Have been wanting to buy this.
But whenever I went out to get it. they are sold out!!
Finally got my hand on it!
Cue evil laugh...
 HADA LABO - Super Hyaluronic Acid Face Wash + Lotion
RM 58.50 in Watson
Tried them in tinie-tiny trial/travel size.
Finally got a budget full size pack!
 L'OREAL Paris - Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer
RM 49.90 in Watson
I didn't plan on buying this.
But once I tried on the sample, I just grab one and never look back.
We girls are just awesome like that!
 SAFI - Aloe Vera Beauty Cream
RM 6.80 in Watson
Safi may be marketed for Muslims, but I have this idea that
Muslims products are safe from harmful and harsh ingredients such as alcohol.
Plus, Safi is a Malaysian brand and is super affordable.
wink! WINK!
 CLEAN & CLEAR - active clear Spot Treatment
RM 12.00 in Watson
I can't believe I bought the third tube!
It is a great product. That is for sure.
 HANSAPLAST - Universal Size Water Resistant (10s)
RM 1.80 in Watson
Okay. I did not plan to upload this but Boyfie insist.
Sooo.. here you go Boyfie.
QVS 5 times Magnifying Mirror

RM 22.90 in Watson.
I saw, I grab and never look back. I know this thing will worth investing on.

REXONA - Deodorant Roll-On in Ice Cool
RM 9.80 in Watson
Boyfie said this one worth sharing.
Very jimat he said. 

I told boyfie that if he insists on putting his items on MY blog, he have to make a deal to give me his words of review. He agreed and said: "I know there are a lot of men out there who would want to know this stuff's performance bah. The nearest example, your brother."

I just couldn't agree more. LoL!

Until next time!



Friday 7 December 2012

NicaBell Opinions: Skincare For Men?

Living with brothers are not as fun as having sisters. That is what a friend of mine said anyway. I don't have any sisters and grateful that I don't have one. Living with house full of boys made me understand boys and men better. There might be some similarities between my brothers, but they have a lot more differences than similarities.

My mom is not familiar with skincare. She only know and believe that oily skin needs no moisturizing, needs constant face wash and scrubs is the best daily facial wash for acne and oily skin. That was what she taught us. Oh! The HORROR!!! I blamed her for my problematic skin as well! But I have since begins using the 3-step-regime while my brother only use facial wash and moisturize SOMETIMES only.

Most of their skincare brands and lines that they have used and using are made specifically for men. I know and heard people kept saying how "men's skin are different and rougher than women's" I don't know and not sure if that is a definite truth or not. Because I also read somewhere in the internet saying men's skin are thinner than women's? Huh? I'm confuse now.

"Women are from Venus; Men are from Mars"
So skincare for Martians can only be used by Martians?

So when my colleague asked me if women can use men's skincare and vice-versa, all I say is yes. At least that it works for me. These men's skincare only pop out like mushrooms after rainy days just recently. If men cannot use women skincare, then why men can have healthy skin before men's products were introduced?

I believe that if the product is good then its good. There is no definite differences (between men's and women's skincare) other than the smells. I used my brothers' skincare many times, I love some and I hate some. It's all depends on your skin types and for who the products are targeted for.

Here are the list of products my brothers have used or using that I have tried:-
Nivea For Men Oil Control Face Wash (100ml)
Mandom Gatsby Facial Wash Oil Control (130g)
Brylcreem Deep Cleansing 2in1 Action Facial Wash (100ml)
Brylcreem Zit Manager 2in1 Action Facial Wash (100ml)
L'Oreal Paris Men Expert White Activ Brightening Foam with Pro Exfoliatine (100ml)
- Garnier MEN Turbo Light Oil Control Charcoal Black Foam (100ml)
- the are others but I cannot recall them within my memories.

Men's skincare are have stronger and more prominent smell. They smell rancid in my nostril, but not all of them though. Though must I remind, that the after use result is pretty amazing! The one I love most among all the products my brothers have used is the Brylcreem Deep Cleansing 2in1 Action Facial Wash. I should make a review on this later in the future. The one I don't like is the one from Gatsby because it is a scrub that has grains in it. But they are surprisingly not harsh though. It is just me hating on scrubs with grains. lol!

After using each on of them, I didn't felt manly or stinging or anything. Felt just like normal. I have to point out that most men's face cleansers are targeted on oily skin. Probably because men produce more sebum compare to women. But that doesn't mean women cannot use it. They were targeted towards men and the products have never had "No women allowed" printed on the products.

For me, for men or for women , they are actually unisex product. Just make sure to determine your accurate skin types, then decides what skincare you use. And I aware that men's skincare are a bit cheaper than women's. Is it because not many man used skincare?

p/s: Look at the price tag of women's razor and compare it to men's razors. The only differences are the "extra moisturizing Aloe Vera Strip" and the pretty girlish color. But both have 2/3/4/5 blades, same qualities, work the same, strip moisture off the skin and for same function - to shave hair. wink!

Till Then



Monday 3 December 2012

NicaBell Review: Maybelline NY Clear Smooth BB Cream

Makeup beginners, BB cream lovers and Maybelline NY fans!

I am proud to present ya'll with this little cutey^^

Brand: Maybelline New York
Made in: China
Range: Clear Smooth
Skincare Type: BB cream/ tinted moisturizer/ face primer/ makeup base
Product contains/weight: 18ml
Main promoted/key/active ingredients: 8 mineral ingredients
Claims: 8-in-1 skin transformer. Brightens.Evens.Smoothes.Refines.Clears.Conceals.Moisturizes.Protect skin

What it says on the tube: Our Instant Skin Perfecting Cream is a perfect blend of 8 minerals ingredients. Our Unique Shade instantly improves and perfects your skin:
  • Brightens skin: visible whitening effect
  • Covers imperfections: reduces the appearance of pores, skin redness dissapears
  • Moisturizes +Protects: all day hydration + helps to protect skin from UV rays and free radical

Clinically proven. No oil. No fragrance. No pore clogging. Even suitable for sensitive skin. Dermatology tested.


Pricing: RM

Application: Texture is runny liquid. It has a sheer coverage. It cannot cover the acne scars and redness on my face completely. I can still see faint redness and discoloration of the acne scars but not as dark without applying the BB cream. However, the BB cream is buildable to cover the redness and dark acne scars. Apply a thin layer over a thin layer will diminish the scars and redness. Or pat on a tiny amount as concealer.

The product is not oily and if your face is moisturized properly, the BB cream would not cause your face produce excessive sebum. I wore the cream since 7.30am and stays dewy till after work. I do not use any other powder to set it and did not re-apply or touch up the BB cream. 

When I say dewy, which I still can't believe I'm using the word, I mean healthy shine. Not oily shine. I've been on the oily side even when I have some dry area on my face. But this BB cream works well on my skin. It is matte on first application, even without setting powder, and turns healthily shine about 5 hours or so. It glides smoothly and pores are less visible. 

The texture is so light, you can barely feel it. It won't sits into your laugh lines or fine lines on your face. 

This lovely BB cream contains Titanium Dioxide but that does not stop me from buying and putting it on to my face. There are some acne pop out here and there but nothing major like when I used Dr. G Gowoonsesang Brightening Balm SPF 30 PA++. (click the link to read my review). 

A pea size of the product goes a looooong way. Not to forget that it has SPF 26 PA++. Not much but better than none.

I love that:- 
~ Light. Feels like I'm wearing nothing. 
~ Doesn't sits nor floats on laugh lines &laugh lines.
~ Won't cause excessive sebum production. 
~ Healthy shine.
~ Buildable as light concealer. 
~ Do not cause itchiness for me when I'm on my sensitive skin days. 
~ Available in 2 shades.
~ Attention Frugal Sims! The price is super affordable. 
~ Small, light and cute tube packaging. Easy to grab and go. 
~ Small nozzle. Great control for amount needed. 

I dislike that:- 
~ If only the coverage is a bit thicker/better, no building as concealer process. 
~ SPF 26 when we need at least SPF 30 as a minumum recommanded protection against the hard glare sun.
~ I doubt the moisturize part it says on the packaging. To retain moisture might be the better word.

My shade: 02 Natural
See the tiny hole of the nozzle?

Will I purchase it again? Yes. I bought the product for my brother before. I swear, he is a closet metrosexual man. He wears BB cream to cover his accident's scars on his face. Then I took some to experiment on my face, I like it. Forget about the light coverage, it do not cause breakouts. That is all the reason I will purchase it if I ran out of it again. 

I'll give this product 4 out of 5 stars. So many lovely thing it do deserves dome high mark.

Till next time. Buh bye^^ 



Friday 30 November 2012

NicaBell Review: DHC Salicylic Face Milk


Hah! If my acne ever vanish, I'll be the happiest girl on earth! I always thought that when I turn 21, I'll be out of this hormonal period. But NOOO~ the acne love me so much, it even leave me some 'souvenirs' after their brief visit that I force to remove. Okay, that certainly is my fault. But hey! Don't tell me that you are not secretly enjoy extracting your pimple no matter how gross they look.

So your face is oily and acne are all over your face and you think you don't need moisturizer? That was the same awfully wrong theory I had believed in my teen years. When your skin is lack of hydration and moisture, the skin will produce more sebum/oil to create a layer of barrier so that your skin stays moisturized and protected against germs, dust, etc. That is what I have done since these recent years and found that it is true. My skin does not produce excessive sebum since I start slapping moisturizer on my face.

Brand: DHC
Made in: Japan
Range: Salicylic Acne Series
Skincare Type: Face Moisturizer/ Acne Fighting Moisturizer
Product contains/weight: 60ml
Main promoted/key/active ingredients: Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA)/Salicylic Acid, botanical extract, pantothenic acid
Claims: Moisturize the skin and calms/treats/fight acne at the same time.

What it says on the box: DHC Salicylic Face Milk
- A light textured milk that contains Salicylic Acid, which has an antiseptic effect and a softening effect.
- Forms a film to protect skin.
- Stays on skin with its effective ingredients. Helps to prevent acne and delivers the active ingredients into skin. 
- Helps to prevent sebum from being secreted excessively and helps to prevent acne.
- Helps to prevent skin roughness by its botanical extract and pantothenic acid derivaties.


Pricing: RM 60++

Application: The texture is medium light or more like milky lotion than milky cream. The smell is medicinal smell, not faint but not too overwhelming as well. It is not oily but quite slippery but it will be not when it is fully absorbed. It is not drying on the skin but it also does not reduce sebum production much. My skin still produce sebum but not as much if I didn't put any. 

I love that it calms the acne but it does not do much to cystic acne. My pores does seem smaller and less blackheads. I still see whiteheads though. Few months back, when I suddenly got super dry skin around my nose and forehead after using the Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser, I use this face milk to calm down the angry dry areas. Which work so well. 

I use this after acne extraction to keep bacteria at bay.

Lol! Don't wory, I own the pic. This is the pic I uploaded in my old blog in wordpress.
Since I do not have the original copy, I just use the old pic and double the watermark with my current blog add^^

I love that:- 
~ the medicinal scent calms me down. Don't get me wrong, I love clinics so.... you get the idea.
~ Calms down angry acne and lessen the blackheads pigment
~ Easily absorbed
~ Product is not oily
~ Smoothen rough dry patches. 
~ Light
~ The small package is easy to carry around.
~ Suitable for combination skin

I dislike that:- 
~ Not hydrating and moisturizing enough.
~ RM 60++ for a 60ml product. That is quite expensive for me but still affordable. But I don't think students could afford this. Unless if the parents have huge bank capacity and full.
~ it lessen the dark pigment of the blackhead, but does not really clear it out.
~ Calms down the acne but not cystic acne.
~ Not so effective to hold excessive sebum production.

Will I purchase it again? Nope, since I have found a better option for moisturizer for myself. Still this is a nice option if you have minimal acne. It is an antibacterial product so anyone with acne problem can consider to try this. 

I'll give this product 3 out of 5 stars. I may not liking it as much, but I am grateful that it have me so save me when I have terribly dry skin awhile back. 

Untill then folks!



Monday 26 November 2012

NicaBell Review: St Ella NY - Quick Eye Styler

'sup peeps!

This is a long overdue review! I bought this eyeliner in 2010 for RM57 or RM60? I don't remember already!

I am unable to give a detail information about this product because I have lost the box and I can't find much information over the World Wide Web too. Please forgive me;-)

Brand: Melilea
Made in: Germany
Range: St Ella New York
Makeup Type: Liquid eyeliner pen
Product contains/weight: 1.1ml/ 0.0367 fl. oz
Main promoted/key/active ingredients: N/A
Claims: Long lasting, made from natural ingredient.

What it says on the box: Precision tip ensures a fine, easy-to-control application. Long lasting. Apply to dry, grease-free eye lids. Opthalmologically tested. Store horizontally.

Ingredients: N/A

Pricing: RM 56 or RM 60

Application: It is surprisingly long lasting! I wore it to work and it stays on put all day IF the eyelids are not oily. The eyeliner is not water resistant so better be careful with that! It is easy to wash off with water but you still need an eye-makeup remover because there will be still a faint tattoo-like residue on the skin without eye-makeup remover. It is not the blackest black in the market but good thing is, if you apply a very fine line on the lid, it look natural. The tip is very fine so that is very easy to control. This eyeliner is my first liquid eyeliner and my first liquid eyeliner pen. I am glad that I learn how to use liquid eyeliner with this. Any mistakes can easily be erase with wet q-tip and redo. 

The size felt just nice in my hand which convenient if you are a first timer for liquid eyeliner pen like I was. 

This product is not available in drugstore which is the downside of it. You have to go to the Melilea sale center to get one. 

I love that:- 
~ Good for liquid eyeliner virgin.
~ Precision tip and easy to control
~ Last all day if the lid is not greasy
~ The not-so-blackest-black color look natural if you draw a very fine line close to the upper eyelash.
~ Buildable for more intense black

I dislike that:- 
~ Only in available in Melilea drugstore
~ Not waterproof
~ RM56/60 is quite expensive for its quality. 

Will I purchase it again? Nope. Mine is already expired now and haven't bought a new one. Not because I don't like it, I still do. I just found another better liquid eye liner that last better and waterproof!

I'll give this product 2.5 out of 5. I liked it when I first use it. But then not so much when I found a better option.

Till then!



Thursday 22 November 2012

October Haul: NicaBell's Revlon & Maybelline NY Haul

This is a very late haul. I was too busy with my work and life, so I kind of forgotten to post it. I only realize that I haven't post on the October haul after I had done preparing my November Haul.

Oh well, here to make it up! Cheers!

REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme in Love That Red

REVLON ColorStay LipLiner in Red/Rouge

Maybelline NY The Hyper Curl Volum' Express Waterproof Cat Eyes Mascara in Black

I bought this one out of curiosity.
People said curiosity killed the cat.
But apparently, this curios cat did not killed.
In fact, is very pleased with the product!!

I am still looking for the receipt I that have the prices I bought these stuff. I did buy a lot on October at Watson actually. But the other stuffs are just my re-purchase of products that I had emptied. I will do some update after I found the receipt or I'll just walk-in to Watson and jot down the price for you as reference.

Very short huh? LoL! I got a headache from all sort of stress.

Till next time girlies!


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