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Saturday, 29 September 2012

September Haul: NicaBell's Guardian Haul

Hiya folks!

So here my Septermber Haul and all of this are bought in Guardian, City Mall.

Maybelline NY 2-in1 Impact Shadow Liner by Eyestudio in Forest Green (RM 15.21)
-- Mom wants this. This is darker than the Silky Girl Olive shade pencil liner

Maybelline NY Crayon Liner in Black (RM 5.81)
-- Mom wants this. The price is cut  55% after any purchase of Maybelline NY items.

Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening (RM7.90)
-- Mom wants this.

Nair EasiWax Mini Wax Strip (RM 16.06)
-- Just out of curiosity, I've got to have one.

Body Natur Sensitive Hair Removal Wax Strip (RM 13.51)
-- In need of this!

Rosken Skin Repair Dry Skin Cream (RM 36.88)
I've tried a smaller package before and I love it!

Maybelline NY Pure Concealer Mineral in 02 (RM 19.90)
-- My old concealer is finish! Got to have a new one^^

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing UV Milk  (RM 44.91)
-- Read a big about this. And Since it does not contain Titanium Dioxide, I must to try this^^

Guardian has some sale the time I bought these stuff.^^ 

Till then!



Friday, 14 September 2012

NicaBell Review: Garnier Aqua Defense Non-Stop Intensive Moisturizing Essence

Hello hello!

I am wearing my new sweater at work today! Well wearing or using anything new on you makes yourself happy isn't it? It is a regular thin fabric sweater I bought at Giant Hypermarket in CityMall. It is actually a dark grey color, no button girl sweater and my first sweater of its kind. The fact that it cost me less than RM30 made my wallet happier than myself!

Back to the topic.

Brand: Garnier
Made in: China
Range: Aqua Defence
Skincare Type: Moisturizer/ Moisturizing Essence/ Face Serum
Product contains/weight: 50ml
Main promoted/key/active ingredients: Grape fruit water. antioxidant, Vitamin E.
Claims: Lock in moisture all day while boosts skin's defences against drying elements by building a hydrating barrier.

What it says on the box: The box is in Malay but translate in like this: Heat, pollution, air-conditioning - Skin loose moisture faster than ever. Defend you skin's hydration levels with Garnier Aqua Defence. It's fresh gel texture instantly hydrates skin. The formula enhanced with antioxidant rich, pure fruit water and Vitamin E. 
- Lock in moisture all day. 
- Boosts skin's defences against drying elements by building a hydrating barrier.


Pricing: RM 19.90

Application: The color is enough to make me say, this must be a light texture kind of moisturizer. And I am right! It is in clear green gel form. Suitable for all skin type - but I doubt for those with super sensitive types. It has a fresh smell, might be too strong for some people, but I love the smell. Remind me of apple green but it is actually exactly smell like apple green. 

I first try on this when I got super dry on my face early last year or around the final quarter of 2010 - result from a Benzoyl Peroxide cream which I found out was too strong for me. Every other moisturizers made my skin burn and itchy till I got my hands on this. I can feel how it penetrates deep into the epidermis. It gives this tingling, cooling and soothing sensation. This moisturizing essence seep so deep into the skin and gradually heals the dryness and itch I had. 

As time past by, I felt that the essence alone is not moisturizing enough for me. I felt that this essence works deep into the skin but did not do much to the surface. So I started using other moisturizer on top of the essence which does such a wonderful moisturizing. Using either one is enough, but when I have done my experiment, combining both is oh-so-great!

I recently mistakenly bought the gel cream instead of the moisturizing essence and use it on top of the essence itself. To my surprise, it works so well with each other. I think that is how it actually work. Work on a small amount of the moisturizing essence (as a facial serum) first after toner, then top it with another thin layer of the gel cream. My skin felt a lot smoother and moisturize even in an air-condition office and room for a whole day and night. 

You only need a small amount of the moisturizing essence to avoid sticky-ness, work 5 dots on the face and do your light patting motion. Face will look dewy but wait 10-15 minutes and it will fully absorb into the skin, it will look less dewy. If you are going to wear makeup, wait for the estimated time as I mentioned before begins you makeup routine. Trust me, applying makeup base or foundation before letting it soak in is not going to help you look pretty at all.

Oily skins peeps should try this because it is a great moisturizing essence. It goes deep into the skin to maintain and hold moisture so your skin won't dehydrate instead of floating on your skin to pile with your sebum. Didn't irritate my acne which I am glad with.

I love that:- 
~ It is light.
~ The tingling, cooling and soothing sensation when apply on my dry area. 
~ Didn't irritate my acne-prone skin
~ Fresh scent
~ Didn't break me out despite.

I dislike that:- 
~ It is in a tub which rises the hygiene issue. But I read some skincare article saying the packaging is determined to protect the effectiveness or the quality of the ingredients. So I do not much complain. Just need to look for a small spatula. 
~ If only they have travel size jar so I can easily take it to anywhere with my hectic here and there daily life. I tried to pack small amount of the essence into a sample jar. But the the sample jar might be a non-air tight kind so the essence will 

Will I purchase it again? Yes. In fact, my current jar is my third or is it the fourth jar? 

I'll give this product 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Taken from Garnier Facebook Page.

Till then!



Friday, 7 September 2012

August Haul: NicaBell's Watson & TBS Haul

Woot! Woot!

Oh my fluuu~ It was a sore throat on Wetness-day before Raya and turned into a flu and my Raya holiday is ruined...

But sickness doesn't stop me from shopping - didn't cure it either =.=

Have you visits my Tumblr Blog? I posted my personal rant as I decided to turn this blog into beauty blog ONLY. Here the address: -- This Tumblr account is like my public online diary. Tee-Hee!

I bought several stuff from Watson and I am eager to show ya^^

All are from Watson, 1 Borneo.

Dequadin Lozenge Tube (RM 6.30)
-- for my sore throat! It was horrible the day I went to Watson that day.

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner (RM 29.90)
-- I've heard and read a lot review saying this thing is great! I've got to try it!

Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream in Natural (RM 17.90)
-- I've help my bother to buy this last month. He is a closet metrosexual ahaks! And I've tried this BB cream and I am honestly shock how good this BB cream is. The result might not be as beautiful as the Korean BB cream but it is not oily and I love it^^

Avene Thermal Spring Water (RM 17.10)
-- I've been dying to try on this for ages but everytime I went to Watson or Guardian, I always forget about it. And I finally had my hands on this and I might say, it is great!

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipe (RM 29.90)
-- Another Simple Skincare product to add in my Simple Collection! I don't like cleansing wipe because I think that it do not clean the face as well as the oil cleanser. But curiosity got into me when I heard that this is the No.1 best seller among all Simple Skincare product in the UK.

Syahirah Penyegar Tanpa Alkohol/ Non-Alcoholic Facial Toner (RM 8.90)
-- One of my reader suggest me to try this and I must say, this bottle of toner is heavy! It's made of glass and look expensive, but it's not!

Avene Soothing Eye Contour Cream (RM 58.50)
-- I've use this before but never got the chance to re-purchase for it's not so affordable price. But since I work, I can finally afford to buy this eye cream. It is great^^

Nexcare Acne Patch 36pcs (RM 13.00)
-- I've bought this and re-purchase it over and over again. I get get sick or get enough of this stuff. It doesn't look like it could deliver its result but read this, it certainly work and a great product^^

The Body Shop (TBS)

There is a Raya Sale (off 15% and 20% if you buy more than 4 items) in TBS and I get an opportunity to buy the stuff I've been dying to try on. Yay!

TBS Nail File Big Mint Green (RM 10.96 after discount)
-- My nail fail is utterly useless. It broke at first use. 

TBS Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation SPF 15 (RM 84.91 after discount)
-- Reviews after reviews, I'm hooked and decided to try this out. The price is certainly out of the 'affordable' range. But since there are discount going in, it has slight cut on the price. Can't wait to use this!

I am still in furniture hunting. Few bedroom set has cought my interest but I just can't set one and say 'this is the one!'. 

So till then folks! 


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