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Monday 31 October 2011

NicaBell: Green Tea

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I have a confession, I AM NOT A FAN OF GREEN TEA!!

I hate it. I hate how it taste - BITTER!!

I hate green tea cake, green tea mooncake, green tea chocolate, green tea flavored coffee, green tea sweets, whatever green tea!

BUT! I love how green tea smells like. The smell is calming and soothing for the mind. My bro always bought the green tea air freshener (forgot the brand name) and I really like it. I always dream to use it if I buy my own house in the future. But sadly, it was discontinue selling. I don't understand why. It was a very good air freshener actually!

So moving on!
I am trying to drink green tea currently. I knew all along that green tea contain multiple benefits for our body. But like a child, I hate bitter things. However, my dear father went to China before and bought one type of Long Jing Green Tea (which I'm not sure  which type it was), and to my surprise, tasted very different to many bitter green tea I have tasted before. It was bitter at first try, and it turn sweet and tasty on the tongue. I don't know if it is how its suppose to taste like but that was how I tasted it.

Only my father, younger bro and I enjoyed the taste of the Long Jing Green Tea. Father often made the tea in a Chinese teapot and serve for younger bro and I with some tiny Chinese tea cup. Green tea is best when served hot. That is when the taste and aroma can be tasted and smelled the best. Once the Long Jing Green Tea pack was finished, we weren't able to tasted it anymore. Father told us it was expensive high quality  green tea and spending his last RMB currency in China was indeed worth it. What best about the Long Jing Green Tea (according to father), only a small amount of it is enough to serve the whole family.  No wonder it takes 4 years to finish the whole package!

Originated from China, green tea become associated with many culture throughout Asia and it spreads through many western countries nowadays.

Green tea contains A LOT of healthy properties. I don't want to fill this post for all of what it contains but I must highlight that green tea:-
- is said to increase metabolic rates, speeds up fat oxidation and improves insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance.
- lower stress hormone level (which good for those who work under stresses and PMS?)
- Blood platelet activation, which is linked to blood clotting and the risk of heart attacks. (good news for menstrual period!!)
- anti-venom effect (snakebites!!)
- 2009 study showed drinking three or more cups of either green or black tea per day can reduce the risk of suffering a stroke by as much as 21%
- is said to contain 3 times more caffeine than coffee.

There are many more healthy effect from drinking green tea. Ya'll should google them!! However, reading that green tea contains  3 times more caffeine than coffee is really concerning me. (Note that caffeine is good for athletic purposes, healthy weight loss, and effective in treating the symptoms of asthma.)  I don't drink coffee because of caffeine and how it taste. (like green tea, I LOVE how coffee smell like though ^O^) Caffeine cause migraine and gastric for me. It made me feel like I am moving faster than everything else as well which cause my headache afterwards. So, I think I should lower my green tea intakes like using the tiny Chinese teacup^^

Green tea is good, green tea is fantastic! Every good healthy things come bitter taste but brings sweet endings. I am trying to live healthy and I am just 23 so, why not starts now? It is never to late for anyone of you to join me!

let go GREEN with Green TEA!!

p.s. : just drank a cup of hot 'BOH' Green Tea and I feel a bit dizzy >.<
(NicaBell suggest: drink while it still hot so it won't taste as bitter as it is!!!)


Wednesday 26 October 2011

NicaBell: The Day I Pamper Myself

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Ahh~ I am relaxing all day today.

I went out for a jog with boyfie in the morning at the Bukit Padang. Gosh! there quite a lot people there. Can you believe the late boomers can jog or walk faster than boyfie & I? I got so fat now I think it's time for me to get up and start the healthy lifestyle.

Then we went for some light breakfast at the Beverly Hills shops. Got ourselves Kueh Teow Fish Soup. I took the small bowl and boyfie had the large one. I can't believe that he can still have that huge appetite after a jog!

Then we went home and I do some karaoke alone while he played his MMO. By the time I finish my karaoke, I saw him sleeping. I got a little tired too so I have to join him. LOL!
I found a unused sheet mask on my cupboard today. It was one of the free gift I got from either Watson or Sasa (I think) early this year. It's an oil-controlling mask. It's the SOFIA - Wine & Soybean Extract Mask, Oil Controlling Mask, Natural Skin Care & Beauty Formulas.


It says that:-
The mask is specially formulated with soybean and wines extract, rich in antioxidant properties to help protect your skin from environmental damage and the sign of aging. Infused with aloe vera and Sodium Hyaluronate leaves your skin silky smooth and radiant.

Application for all skin type. Non-alcoholic and non-fragrance.

Made in Taiwan.

I put it on an hour ago. People usually put on sheet mask on their face for 20 to 30 minutes. But I love puting it for 1 to 2 hours, depending how moisten or soak the mask is. I put this mask on my face about 9.15pm or so and it is just about 1 hour. I must say, even though this mask look soaking wet when I just pull it out of the packaging, I can feel it is barely wet now. But it feel so good on my face!!! The cooling sensation  on my skin, how easy to apply on my face, how it could cover my whole face, and how I feel glad that I could pamper myself with a free item!!

Taking it off is easy as well and I didn't go to the bathroom to wash my face. Because what is the point of using sheet mask if you are going to wash it off! Instead, I use my ring and middle fingers, using a soft circular motion, massage it till the skin absorbed them. Ahh~ I am not only feeling my skin is a lot softer and plumped, I can see my complexion is a little brighter. I think that the aloe vera also gives the cooling effect on my skin. It's been so long to get this kind of sensation. The best thing is that it didn't feel tight on my face!! Hooray^^

It feels good to pamper myself like this once in a while. But I don't anymore sheet mask! Dang! Well let see if I'll caught new pimples tomorrow. If my acne prone skin won't act up to the sheet mask, I'll buy the same brand AGAIN!

Anyway, I will update with the picture of the used sheet mask. I forgot to took a picture before I put it on my face.
That is all then.

p.s: Happy Deepavali to those who celebrate^^


Tuesday 25 October 2011

October 2011: NicaBell Watson, Black Queen & Daiso Haul!!!

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I got early pay this month so I am uber-excited for shopping!!
So I got a menstrual pain on Friday morning. It was so bad I had to call in for a medical leave. Then around noon, boyfie, who just found a new job in the government sector, pick me up to bring me to the clinic in Centre Point(CP).

The doctor (a female) is really nice. She genuinely made me feel at ease to tell her my problem. It's been 2 months since my last period and made me breakout a lot. I have cystic acne under my eye, my nose, chin and all over my neck since few weeks ago. So I asked her if she could provide me any oral medication for my acne problem and this is what she gave to me.

Doxycycline Capsule 100mg~
I hope you do me good^^
Oh wait, I ate your "friends" before so, I know, YOU ARE GOING TO BE GOOD ^o^
I was also given some mild painkillers for my menstrual pain. Damn, it is hard to be woman. Sigh~
After paying my medical fee, boyfie and I went to the CP cafeteria. I had soto ayam. I ate my meds and went on my mission alone as boyfie need to go back to his office ASAP!

I stop by Watson Store first and found out that they were restocking/rearranging their stock around the store. I was really dissapointed at the time. Not because how hectic the store looked but how the Rimmel Section was not updated. There were samples on the rack last time I went to see it but there were not on Friday. How do you expect people to buy without giving us to try out the tester like the other brand do? I demand an explanation Watson! Ooops! My inner dive got out! :P

Well forget about the Rimmel, even the staffs (some) were too busy talking to each other or touching up their face. I mean, you should have serving me if you want your pay to be higher at the end of the month. lol! Only one Watson staff was nice enough to come up to me and really made an effort to recommend me one brand new stuff that they have on their shelves.

Anyway, these were bought in CP Watson:-
 It's been so long since I bought these kind of tissues.

St Ives Apricot Scrub - Blemish & Blackhead Control 170g

I think it is time for me to have a proper scrubs, rather than using brown sugar with my daily cleanser. This Apricot Scrub help me rid the hassle. I must warn, this product is not to be used daily. The scrub is obviously not micro and quite harsh. I would advise everyone to use a soft/mild circular motion. I am not a fan of product with fragrance but I am not worry by this one cause it only have some mild apricot scent in it. Good news about this stuff is that it is Parabens & Phthalates free

 Rosken Skin Repair Dry Skin Cream 7ml

Boyfie has been saying how good this cream is when he has troubles with dry skin years ago. So I really want to try this for my cracked heels. The formula felt more like lotion than cream and my skin can easily absorb this product. It has some mild medicinal scent but you can hardly smell it though.

Nexcare Acne Patch 18pcs

I already saw this product since long time ago and I was always skeptical of it. I don't know if it could work on acn but it seems that they were always finish on the shelves. So now, I decided to try on this.
IN2IT Eyebrow Liner

I was introduced to this babe by my mom. She kept saying this is a good stuff. Since I have just started learning to use eyebrow liner, I might as well buy one of this. Guess what peeps, I broke my Cyber Color Auto Eyebrow Pen (the lead actually). I didn't even realize when I broke it. I never drop it before either. Oh well, I got a new one so no worry, no worry.

EyeMo Moist Eyedrop
This one is for boyfie. When he was outside, he always said that his eyes is burning because thy were dry. So I bought it for him.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser 237ml

I have been using this and the other one that for oily skin back and forth.
This is a great product no matter what skin you are. I know some of you out there would prefer cleansers that foams. But too much foam could stripped off the natural oil on our skin. You should consider to try on this. If you feel like it does not do the cleaning for you who have super oily skin, try blotting it with blotting paper before wash.

 DHC Salicylic Face Milk

This is the product I am most excited about. It's a moisturizer and it also helps to fight acne! I must say this is quite an awesome product after using it quite some times now. It is moisturizing enough for me for I have oily combination skin.

Ahh~ my favorite mouth freshener.
This is the Eclipse Mints
2 tablets are enough to freshen your mouth before the interview^^

And next, DAISO!
 Here we go:-


I love love love love LOVE Daiso Store.

Daiso Store is also known as the 5 Ringgit Store where you can buy practically everything for RM5/ea. Everything in this store is from Japan (at least that is what I was told). I often went to the basket/case/plastic box/plastic strage section whenever I am in Daiso. There something about storage boxes that fascinate me. lol!

Black Queen is (I think) a local chain business in KK that sold women's accessories for low prices. You can find wigs, false eyelashes, hairbands & hair accessories, manicure sets & accessories, make ups and etc. But I won't buy those make ups. The make ups that were sold were extremely cheap but that was not a case for me. It's just that I don't know the origin of the product that they sell. And I have acne prone-combination-sensitive skin and it quite hard for me to be convinced enough to use products with brand that I cannot recognize. Anyway, these are what I bought in Black Queen.

Black Queen staffs annoy me a little. I don't care if you are a S***k (I don't  discriminate); I don't care if you  are an immigrant (I understand why there are  immigration in any country); & I don't F care if you are busy chatting with your friend  while you  work. (I work in a retail store before and I understand how boring it can be  to work  alone in a big store.) BUT, when you kept busy chatting with your friend and  you know  you are working alone while your friend went for a lunch and there is a  customer in  your store looking for stuff then the customer would like to purchase for the stuff that  she want to bu, she kept calling you and you were too busy chatting and laughing with you loud mouth friend,. Any customer will be annoyed. I know I am. But I just kept smiling and I know you are annoyed with my fake smile too. so suck it up. har har har har har~
So many picture this time huh. I guess it will take time to load for you who had low speed internet.
This is my first time in 4 years that I shopped alone in a shopping mall. My menstrual pain cured cause I was completely forgot that I was in pain. lol!

I am trying the 3M NEXCARE Acne Patch. I will post my review in the future. And regarding the tablet that my boyfie won, I just saw the winner list in Digi website. I can't wait for it to arrive!!! YAY!
I guess I'll stop here then. BuhBye^^


Tuesday 18 October 2011

NicaBell: Perfect Sandwich~

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I was searching how to get traffic to my bog and past by this daily post blog. It gives blogger some ideas what to blog every day. So I think, why not! Today is about describing the Perfect Sandwich.

Oh! Talk about sandwich! I love sandwich that sold in this small shop at the end of the KK city. Just pass the Tong Hing supermarket, before the Sabah Port KK. They used white bread for the sandwich and they often squeezed either omelette or ham between the white bread with some slices of fresh tomato, cucumber, and a slice of cheddar cheese.

Ahhh~ just imagining it makes me hungry^^

However, what I think that will make the PERFECT sandwich; it has to be using wholemeal bread! But I have used the white bread that has corn flavour! It was oh-so-tasty as well! It is not as easy to find now though so wholemeal bread should be fine for me. I would prefer that there will be a thin layer of omelette in the bread, a slice of cheddar cheese and a salad leaf. It doesn’t stop there, I would really love it if the sandwich be steamed of heated a bit just so the cheese melt a little!!! It would certainly make my day!

Gee~ too bad that I still live with my parents and 3 other brothers. Every time I bought the ingredient, it will be finished before the next morning. How cruel and how big eater my family can be?

Properties are very expensive here in KK. And my pay is quite low while living in the city is expensive. That is the reason why I always in a tight budget. I can’t afford loans too because I am not a permanent employee!!

Boyfie, I’m not pressuring you to propose to me. So don’t panic now dear. ;-*
That’s up for now!


Monday 17 October 2011

Update for my life about EVERYTHING! HAH!

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Gosh it's been 5 working days but the package isn't here yet!

Urgh! I hate the feeling of waiting!!!! Okay, I'll chill for a while. so please bear with me ;)

So I have been doing some research for the Acer Iconia Tab A501 in the internet. I found out that it is no much of the difference of the previous model of the same brand the A500.  Some gives great reviews on it while others who compare the Iconia to the Samsung Galaxy or other tablets says it's a let down. Of course it's a let down considering they compare Acer Iconia, a cheaper product, to other tablets which is much pricier.

But what can I say, I am getting it for free so no qualms:D

I used to shriek like a little girl whenever I see Samsung Galaxy at the mall. I heard of great review on it. A colleague who own one let me try the device, I have to say, its an amazing device. I am not saying the other tablet is not good, it's just that I have only see and touch the Samsung Galaxy only. Most of those who are around me cannot afford Apple product.

And I am quite busy with my work currently. I need to prepare a minute for our previous meeting for an internal audit. It's exhausting! But in the end of the month, every drop of that sweat is worth it. I need money for my blog material too! nuff said!

I went to an outing with my cousins and their spouse together with my boyfie. We when for a dinner at the McD. I haven't eat junk food for quite sometimes now. Not that I dislike junk food. I LOVE McD actually. It's just expensive here. YEAH! Fast food restaurant always is ripping off their customer wallet here in KK. So back to the story, I ordered their new menu, the Double Quarter Pounder large set for myself, McD Fried Chicken, McD 9pcs Chicken McNuggets, a large cup of Coke and a large french fries for my dear dear boyfie. All for RM 36.++ if I'm not mistaken.

One of my cousin order 2 sets of the Double Quarter Pounder and another set of Big Mac for her hubby and herself. I thought that she will be eating 2 burgers because she is pregnant. But I was totally wrong. The extra Big Mac was for her hubby. LoL! This cousin of mine use to be a stick figure girl and she never finish her burger before. BUT! She definitely finished her Double Quarter Pounder this time. I think it's because of her pregnancy that makes her want to eat more than she usually does. Good for her right! But the point is, she paid for that 3 sets for RM40.90. Unbeknownst to her, she can use that RM40.90 of hers (may be with some extra change for the tax) to get the Quarter Pounder with cheese Family dinner Box! I remember there are 2 Quarter Pounder with cheese, 1 Big Mac, 1 Cheese Burger, 6pcs of Chicken McNuggets, 3 or 4 french fries, 4 carbonated drinks (medium size), & 2 sundae in the family dinner box.  But, I don't think she'll care. She seems like eager to try that DOUBLE QUARTER POUNDER. I must say, I was GREAT! the burger I mean.

We then chat for a while after dinner and decided to watch a movie. We were at 1B hypermall at the time but decided to go to the Centre Point Shopping Centre for a movie because there are not much movie in the GSC movie theater in 1B. There are some good shows I think, but they are not appropriate for my dear preggy cousin (they are some horror flicks! Eeek!)

My preggy cousin's hubby bought us the tickets. Well, there are 8 of us and the tickets are RM7 each. So do the math! We can't decide what to watch but the generous brotha' bought us a movie called What's Your Number starring Chris Evans and Anna Faris. I saw this movie's trailer on Youtube and may I say, it was a brilliant movie. Anna Faris is funny but I just don't think Chris Evans is compatible to be Anna's pair. He need a leading lady like me. LoL! No that's just a joke! But seriously, the chemistry between Faris & Evans are not that strong. And another funny thing about the whole movie experience is that I can hear children giggling. I was thinking, what-the-phat? There are children in the theater? The movie is rated Restricted and there are kids in the theater? I now it's ok for them to be accompanied by parents but they are too young to watch these kind of exposure! Chris Evans talked about how penetrating 'this much' won't count! But still, I think those kids might not understand much. I HOPE!

Oops! I wont too much about everthing in this post. I think it's just enought for today.
See you sooooonnn^^


Tuesday 11 October 2011

Get That Droid!!!!

(Copied from my old blog I am moving my blog!!!)

OMGee OMGeee OMGeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

I can't take this out of my mind right now! I am uber excited!!!
Well technically it is my boyfie who won the prize.

BUT if I have never FORCE him to look for the Digi Prepaid Internet and buy it;
If I have never been reload it RM100 so I can use it for 3months;
If I have never register/enter the Digi Prepaid Internet Get That Droid Contest (because the sim-card is registered under his name);
He will never get IT!

ROFL! Anyhow, congratulation my dear for winning the prize!!

What happen is that I have been looking, searching high and low to get a Prepaid Internet here in KK but never had a chance to get one. Probably because I was looking at the wrong mobile phone shops. So I (technically) force my boyfie (yes, poor him) to get one for me. I was desperate because it was hard to get into the internet in my office at the time. Therefore, I told my boyfie to get one for me no matter how. He was pissed by the way. But he have a strong sense of responsibility to help me because he was unemployed at the time and I have been using my monthly pay to support the both of us including paying one of his car loan. Then, he found that Prepaid Internet sim-packs were sold in Inanam town. Therefore, he bought it and register under his name. I have been reloading the Prepaid Internet for RM10 per 2 day (which mean RM5 per day)  because I wasn't using it regularly at the time. But then I found out that if I pay/reload more, the cheaper the internet service will be.

RM102 days data access
RM3010 days data access
RM5025 days data access
RM100100 days data access
*note: table above shows the days validity of using or data access of the Prepaid Internet.

So I decided since I getting to get to use more and more internet for research information purposes, I decide to reload RM100! Then, just before I am going to reload the sim, I got a message which remind me (or my boyfie to be exact), to enter the Get That Droid contest via online! I wasn't thinking too much as I just think there are no harm trying. There is only 1 question and it was easy. And below are the 2 snapshot of the contest homepage and its contest form.

So 7pm this evening, boyfie suddenly got a call from Digi Telecommunication helpline. Though I was already informed my boyfie that I entered his name in the Get That Droid Contest, he was still quite puzzled when the operator told him that he won a ACER ICONIA TAB A501! He confirmed his name, Identification Card number as well Prepaid Internet sim card number in his puzzling face. He ask for my house mailing address so I gave him. I was expecting that Digi was going to send some complimentary prize. And when my boyfie hang up his found, he said that if Digi Helpline number could have tricked him? He was skeptical as there are sooo many telephone scam nowadays. So I assured him that the call was from Digi Helpline number so it could not possibly someone trying to scam him. Then, we both became excited! I search for the review of the tab and found out it was just launched around April 2011!!

I am excited to get the prize. I hope they send it tomorrow! I can't wait to get my hand on it!
I'll be keeping update on it. See ya!


p/s: seems like I'm postponing my promise to give a review on the Maybelline lipstick. Sorry peeps!

I Hate Those Auditors! Grrrr~

(Copied from my old blog I am moving my blog!!!)


I am too busy with my job right now! My office is in a process of auditing right now and there will be a closing meeting any moment now.

I was busy preparing my office (and myself of course) to look good! I clean my office so it look presentable. I learned that if my office is clean and neat, it will be quite hard for the auditors to discover any flaws in my office.

Well, at least that was what I think!

Got to go go go now!

I will prepare a blog about the lipstick I am wearing currently.

See ya!


Wednesday 5 October 2011

NicaBell Review: Biore Cleansing Oil

(Copied from my old blog I am moving my blog!!!)

'sup peeps!
It is my first review here and I am extremely excited to introduce you peeps this amazing product. This not a sponsored review and I do not get paid to do this.
I have to make it BIG cause I freaking love this stuff! Nobody introduce this stuff for me actually. I was ran out of my makeup remover so I went to Watson and was looking for something cheap cause I was on a tight budget. (I always on a tight budget!) Then, I saw this beautiful purplish bottles on a rack. I was quite shock to see it carries Biore brand name on it cause I thought Biore always use boring looking tube for their facial wash. Then, I pick up the bottle and surprise, this is not a facial wash! It is a cleansing oil to remove makeup. I was a virgin for cleansing oil at the time. I  already heard, read blogs and watch vlogs on cleansing oil, but I never bothered to buy it cause I thought I don't need it. (Well, I was wrong obviously!)  So I  just bought it out of curiosity(after a deep thought choosing either this or the Hada Labo water base cleansing oil)!

For all skin types
Gentle cleansing oil washes away long- lasting makeup, even waterproof mascara!
This oil-based makeup remover from Japan has excellent cleansing ability that makes makeup removal so quick and easy! It effectively dissolves and removes long- lasting makeup, even waterproof mascara, while lifting away dirt and impurities.
Specially formulated to provide optimum cleansing performance at all times. It does not emulsify upon contact with water and can b used during showers.
  • No greasy or sticky feeling on skin after use
  • Does not clog pores
  • Gentle and mild on skin
  • Refreshing fragrance

Product Brand
Product TypeCleansing Oil
Made inJapan
PackagingSimple yet pretty.
Product EffectivenessGood!
Breakout after usageNot at all!

I have sensitive acne-prone combination skin. I have no problem using this. The first time I use this product, I don't like that it got fragrance. But as soon as it touches my skin, I feel that the smell it quite okay. It's a fruity scent and it really reminds me of Green Apple! But I think some of you might feel its overpowering though (cause my mom think so). I only use this twice then I stop because I don't think this product work at first. Even though it says that one can use while on shower. NAH! Its not true. There are still makeup residue on my face especially my waterproof liquid eyeliner. Then I search online for how to use Oil Cleanser properly and found this amazing blog here. I follow this blogger instruction and poof! I become a regular user of oil cleanser. And I always wash my face with my facial wash after oil cleansing. If contact with eyes, it doesn't sting but I do recommend you to rinse with a lot of water. It gives blurry vision!

Here is my experiment on using Biore Cleansing Oil wet vs dry.

1. Swatches of eyeshadows, colorful pencil liners, lipstick stain, waterproof mascara & liquid eyeliners, foundation, concealer, primer, etc

2. 3 drops of Biore Cleansing Oil

3. Rub the cleansing oil on one half and leave the other half untouched.

4. Rinse of the entire surface and clean the surface that already been cleanse with oil cleanser. Then put another 3 drops of Biore Cleansing Oil on the other half and I make sure it is wet. I also wet my hand and rub the surface.

5. Rinse the surface til no more oil residue. And see the comparison on the surface. The right side looked clean while the left side still have some makeup residue.

6. I wipe the residue with this    Clearasil Deep Cleansing Toner on cotton pads. And see what I have wiped off of!

I haven't try other cleansing oil yet and I just bought my second bottle because my first one is almost finish!  I think it is a good and affordable product and I certainly will recommend this to friends and family. Use 2 or 3 pumps for the whole face. And remember to use it on dry face & hands for better result!
That's all for now.

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