Saturday, 11 August 2012

Girl Power! Pandalela Dives For A Medal!

Pandalela Rinong Anak PAMG.

Every Malaysian should remember this name because she is a legend. She have made a history by being the first Malaysian female athlete to grab an Olimpic medal last night! You go girl!

Pandalela is a native Sarawakian and brought back the second Olimpic bronze through her 10 meters platform diving event. It's freakin' Olimpic ya'll! she is the third best  in the world for her diving event. Diving! not badminton! That's got to be a phenomenon!

The fact that she is a Borneon, I feel proud for her. And reading article about her being an ex-acrophobic, i can't help but to be amazed with the young girl even more.

I don't know anything about diving sport event, but i pray and hope that she'll keep doing what she had been doing and move ahead to improve her work for the better.

And about that boy who said that he will cut his penis if Pandalela won any medal, shame on him. But I don't dare to demand him to really cut his penis. That's encouraging suicide attempt! just hope these kids stop typing and posting mindless statements on Facebook and Twitter for public to see how rediculously idiotic it is to do so. yeah, you'll be famous. but you'll be famous for being stupid. it is definitely not something anyone want.

Anyhooooo, congratulation Miss Pandalela! Your contribution will be remembered:-)

p/s: this post is made on my tablet. forgive my grammar and spelling mistakes.

Updated 12/8/2012, 10:57am:- (on comp^^)
I took this pic from 1SS Facebook wall photo.
Mr Johari Pain has apologized but netizens insist that he kept his promise.
It's a mindless mistake and he doesn't deserve the publicity.
Leave Britney ALONE!! Opps! Leave Johari Pain ALONE!!!

till then.



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