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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

January 2012: NicaBell Haul & Review Samsung Galaxy Y Young S5360

I don't have photo for this one yet but HEY! it's been a while ya mate! 

I was so busy with Chinese Lunar New Year and works in my office. We are going to be audited for MS ISO around next month (I think) according to our company's yearly schedule! 

Putting that aside, I don't have any beauty haul this January as I spend my beauty allowance on my gift for boyfie!! Getting it to him makes me excited! I didn't blog it earlier also because I don't want him to know what I am getting him for V-day! owh~ how nice of me <-- =.=" 

I will post the photos later so stay tune for updates^^ 

Samsung Galaxy Y Young S5360 

I was given 2 choices: Either an AP set or an Original set. I choose the Original set. I am not really understand what AP set means. But I think I heard the owner said that there are differences on the warranty & prices on each set. AP set have the in-shop warranty (I think that's what it is called). If the phone broke or any faulty was found, buyers can ONLY refer to the shop where he/she bought his/her phone. In the other hand, buyer can refer his/her phone with ANY Samsung center around Malaysia if found any faulty in the phone he/she purchased. 

Back to the topic, I chose the Original set mainly because the included items in the box. 

AP set in-the-box items (RM450): 
- the phone
- charger 
- USB cable 
- 1GB memory card 
- some instruction booklets

Original set in-the-box items (RM470):

- the phone
- charger 
- USB cable 
- 2GB memory card 
- 4 color battery cover case 
(orange, pink, black & white) 
- some instruction booklets

Just RM20 difference between the sets, of course I'm gonna buy the original! 

My few months experience using my first Android that boyfie & I got from the Digi Contest made me want to buy this new phone for boyfie. It was just the right time cause he broke his phone around the month of January! 

-'candy-bar' type 
-104 x 58 x 11.5 mm
- Classic looking design 
- Glossy surface. so expect fingerprints all over ya SCREEN! 
- Black. Look sophisticated. 

Performance & Display: 
- Unable to compare other Android phone as this is my first time touching a Android phone after all. 
- 3 inch screen is just enough 
- browsing the internet with this phone much impressive: faster & smoother than my Acer Iconia Tab A501

- my findings: not much exciting apps that I can download. some games or apps that I like in my tab cannot be download in this phone. I can't even find it anywhere in the market place with this phone
- I tried ninja fruit in this phone, it was lag like crazy! 
- twitter, tumblr, facebook apps can be downloaded. and works better and smoother with this phone than my tab. 
- blogger apps is tiny. I refrain myself from using it with this phone. 

- from my previous experience, I found touchscreen phone use up or drained a lot more battery power and faster. This phone is not excluded. 
- I recommend to kill your apps every now and then to save battery power. 
- minimize brightness is also recommended 
- minimize usage such as frequent calling, frequent sms, browsing internet, gaming, etc. 

- I am used to my Sony Ericsson W995 which have 2 speakers. So this phone definitely lost it in this department. 

- 2 Megapixel. What do you expect a under RM500 phone have? But good enough to post for a Facebook profile page^^ 

NicaBell say: 
- overall, it is good enough phone for a below RM500 phone. It is a good price for any of you who never tried and would like to try on a Android phone. Suitable to ladies and gentlemen. The virtual keyboard might be quite small for some of you. But the touch responds is good! Just try getting a non glossy screen protector to avoid fingerprints^^ 

UPDATE 25 FEB 2012: Here are the picture that I have taken^^ 

The box

What inside the box 

5 colors battery cover

USB cable & a handsfree

a leaflet, cd-rom & 2 GB memory card
UPDATE: 28 May 2012; My brother bought it as well. Apparently the price has drop to RM 390/370? That's what he said anyway. Boyfie is happy with it. He is just a little bit upset that some apps are not compatible the device; a lot actually. Example: The Sims Freeplay, Contract Killer, and Skype without the video calling.

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