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Friday, 13 April 2012

NicaBell Review: Simple Skin Care

Okay, I have to extend my apology to everyone for my MIA-ness.

I have been very busy with my work and life. And I didn't even finish updating my tumblr for the Simple Skincare 30 Days Challenge. However, I will be providing you my honest review here on the 3-step regime that I have been using.


SIMPLE "Kind To Skin" Refreshing Facial Wash Gel

My say: I love this facial wash from the first beginning using it. You may heard of people saying 'Facial wash that don't foam enough does not cleanse the skin thoroughly/effectively'. I won't say that they are wrong because I don't have a solid proof of study to say that they are totally wrong. I just don't buy by the idea. I have been using facial cleansers that doesn't foam but work massively cleansing my face and this facial wash from Simple Skincare is one of them.

>> Odd smell which proof that they don't even use any fragrant to cover the smell of the product.
>> After cleansing, my face doesn't feel tight, itchy, etc etc.. CLEAN~~

>> Nothing that I dislike about this facial wash.

SIMPLE "Kind To Skin" Soothing Facial Toner

My say: I love my Clearasil Deep Cleansing Toner but I need something with no alcohol. Toners with alcohol sometimes sting my skin and it is drying. Simple's toner is mild but in the same time, helps the after wash and as a prep before moisturizing. I rarely use cotton pads/balls with this toner. I put several drops on my palm, rub my palm together to spread the toner, and then gently pat on my face. I find it more soothing my skin absorb the toner better like this. My mother opted to use spray bottle with this toner.

>> Odd smell which proof that they don't even use any fragrant to cover the smell of the product.
>> No alcohol, so does not sting.
>> I feel clean and soothing after used.

>> I like the toner the best! Nothing that I dislike about it^^

SIMPLE "Kind To Skin" Hydrating Light Moisturiser

My say: Finally the moisturiser. I will consider to buy a full bottle of this and the toner. I used this the same technique like I use the toner. You do not necessary use the technique with Japanese product. Patting not only good for faster absorption, it also good for those heavy hands that often wiped the moisturiser hard on their face instead of messaging.

>> Odd smell which proof that they don't even use any fragrant to cover the smell of the product.
>> Light. I don't a thing.
>> Waterbase and compatible with my makeup.

>> Do not have proper nozzle for hygiene purposes.
>> Not moisturizing enough on days that I have dry skin.

Will I introduce this product to friends: Yes! Especially peeps who have sensitive skin and young teen!

Will I stay using this product: Not all of them. I will keep using the toner and moisturizer. I still prefer my Cetaphil as my face cleanser.

Will I try its other product of the same brand: Yes! I will try the Oil Control range in the near future.

I give this product 5 Star for its goodness to me^^



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