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Friday, 20 July 2012

NicaBell: Ingredients List. Do you read them?

They are there for a reason you know. I started to learn to be aware of the products' ingredients about 1 and a half year ago. Reason? Since my skin developed from oily to combination. Plus, my skin's sensitivity (which I still can't figure out toward what, yet) and acne prone.

Hello gorgeous! 

So here some story: Growing up, I never use sunscreen and the freaking teachers & headmaster at my (primary) school said: "the sunshine is good for you. It provide vitamin D." Thinking back now, huh! Good my a**. Vitamin D is good. Yeah! I get that. But exposing the skin to the blaring sun as punishment or for an hour of school assembly? My mother didn't even know there are product to protect your skin from sun exposure even existed! Though I never blamed my mother for her lack of knowledge/ information, I do have some grudge toward my primary school teachers and headmaster for the sun thingy. To much of sun damage on my younger days have resulted discoloration mostly on my arms. I only started to use sunscreen/ sunblock after I finished high school, about 18. 

You might think and cringe that me, being acne prone skin, cannot use sunscreen. Well now, I might not be a beauty expert or dermatologist, but believe when I say: Yes, we could use sunscreen only if the ingredients in the product does not contained any ingredient that can cause inflammatory to the skin. 

So what does my topic with sun exposure story have to do with each other? 
- Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)

Titanium Dioxide is often used in sunscreen for its effective ability to protect the skin from UV light (sun exposure). And most sunscreens that are designed for people with sensitive skin, are often based on Titanium Dioxide. Because Titanium Dioxide believed to cause less irritation tan other UV absorbing chemicals.

If you have acne prone and sensitive skin, I am a living proof to tell you that TiO2 is the one ingredient you should avoid. In my previous post,  a review of the Dr. G Gowoonsesang Brightening Balm SPF 30 PA++, you will read how I said it broke me out. It got even worse if used in a long run. The product itself is actually good, if only it uses other alternative as UV protector. But I'm no scientist, they might have their reason on why they prefer TiO2 in their product.

I learned through my research online, that Titanium Dioxide can clog pores, and both nano or non-nano version of TiO2 can be inflammatory due to their propensity to release free radical. The best alternative for TiO2 that is also suitable for sensitive skin is Zinc Oxide (ZnO). Zinc Oxide is actually good for acne for its anti-inflammatory benefits.

There are other ingredients to avoid when you are going out to grab a sunscreen if you are acne prone skin. And when the product said "Oil-Free", I wouldn't be so fast to believe it either. Because some product do not contain anything oily but still felt greasy on your skin; they use BEEWAX! Beewax is good, but not good if its greasy. This link will lead you more information of what to avoid.

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