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Friday 7 December 2012

NicaBell Opinions: Skincare For Men?

Living with brothers are not as fun as having sisters. That is what a friend of mine said anyway. I don't have any sisters and grateful that I don't have one. Living with house full of boys made me understand boys and men better. There might be some similarities between my brothers, but they have a lot more differences than similarities.

My mom is not familiar with skincare. She only know and believe that oily skin needs no moisturizing, needs constant face wash and scrubs is the best daily facial wash for acne and oily skin. That was what she taught us. Oh! The HORROR!!! I blamed her for my problematic skin as well! But I have since begins using the 3-step-regime while my brother only use facial wash and moisturize SOMETIMES only.

Most of their skincare brands and lines that they have used and using are made specifically for men. I know and heard people kept saying how "men's skin are different and rougher than women's" I don't know and not sure if that is a definite truth or not. Because I also read somewhere in the internet saying men's skin are thinner than women's? Huh? I'm confuse now.

"Women are from Venus; Men are from Mars"
So skincare for Martians can only be used by Martians?

So when my colleague asked me if women can use men's skincare and vice-versa, all I say is yes. At least that it works for me. These men's skincare only pop out like mushrooms after rainy days just recently. If men cannot use women skincare, then why men can have healthy skin before men's products were introduced?

I believe that if the product is good then its good. There is no definite differences (between men's and women's skincare) other than the smells. I used my brothers' skincare many times, I love some and I hate some. It's all depends on your skin types and for who the products are targeted for.

Here are the list of products my brothers have used or using that I have tried:-
Nivea For Men Oil Control Face Wash (100ml)
Mandom Gatsby Facial Wash Oil Control (130g)
Brylcreem Deep Cleansing 2in1 Action Facial Wash (100ml)
Brylcreem Zit Manager 2in1 Action Facial Wash (100ml)
L'Oreal Paris Men Expert White Activ Brightening Foam with Pro Exfoliatine (100ml)
- Garnier MEN Turbo Light Oil Control Charcoal Black Foam (100ml)
- the are others but I cannot recall them within my memories.

Men's skincare are have stronger and more prominent smell. They smell rancid in my nostril, but not all of them though. Though must I remind, that the after use result is pretty amazing! The one I love most among all the products my brothers have used is the Brylcreem Deep Cleansing 2in1 Action Facial Wash. I should make a review on this later in the future. The one I don't like is the one from Gatsby because it is a scrub that has grains in it. But they are surprisingly not harsh though. It is just me hating on scrubs with grains. lol!

After using each on of them, I didn't felt manly or stinging or anything. Felt just like normal. I have to point out that most men's face cleansers are targeted on oily skin. Probably because men produce more sebum compare to women. But that doesn't mean women cannot use it. They were targeted towards men and the products have never had "No women allowed" printed on the products.

For me, for men or for women , they are actually unisex product. Just make sure to determine your accurate skin types, then decides what skincare you use. And I aware that men's skincare are a bit cheaper than women's. Is it because not many man used skincare?

p/s: Look at the price tag of women's razor and compare it to men's razors. The only differences are the "extra moisturizing Aloe Vera Strip" and the pretty girlish color. But both have 2/3/4/5 blades, same qualities, work the same, strip moisture off the skin and for same function - to shave hair. wink!

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  1. Ahahaha......I just can't disagree your point that I'm actually love trying products as well as men product!
    I guess you may like to try put Bad Lab, it's Malaysian brand as well. The scent is better than most men skin care products.....errr......same same but different......I just don't know how to describe....
    Loving men products because the face wash usually does cleaning job better than so-called female products lol.


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