Friday, 10 August 2012

July Haul: NicaBell's Drugstore Haul

This is a late post! Blame for the blimey internet at home that kept blinking stating the line is unstable while the office's internet is blocking any fun website, including blogger. boooo-hoooo! Don't get me wrong, I love my job but not the company. Because they had stop loving me since last year. Plus, I got addicted with Wattpad recently. I didn't aware that there are this type of website. I always have passion in writing and I have several ideas, plots and stories and I'd like to share. Mostly romance... and R-rated thingy. Shhhhh! Don't tell my mom. LoL!

Back to the topic peeps!


I have run out several skincare and trying new one as well. Here we go~

Garnier Aqua Defense Non-Stop Moisturizing Gel Cream 50ml

First of, I didn't have any intention to buy this moisturizer. I was reaching for the Garnier Aqua Defense Non-Stop Moisurizing Essence but mistook the gel cream for the essence. I just thought they change box and they didn't put the word moisturizer or cream or essence on it either. But I was glad for the mistake I made. Since the day I bought the gel cream, I have been using it everyday. I use it at night or day when I don't go out/work. But I did use it to go out/work several times and it is gooooooodd~

Garnier Aqua Defense Non-Stop Intensive Moisturizing Essence (that's mouthful >o<)

I love this essence. I use it as a serum and I apply this before I use any moisturizer. This is the on product that made me salute Garnier. This one is like my thrid or fourth jar I bought. Love this stuff!

Johnson's Baby Bedtime Oil 

Not that I have problem sleeping but I love how the smell helps me to calm my daily stress and moisturizes my skin all at the same time. The smaller bottle is what I got few years back but rarely use it until just recently - for the sake of my stupid migraine which I deduce cause by my work stress. 
I refil the smaller bottle to bring with me where ever I go. I just wish they make a bigger bottle so I won't run out of it so fast.

Guardian Nail Polish Remover (Moisturizing Nails)

I run out of my grape smell polish remover by Elianto. Well not run out of it, I practically lost it. I lost a lot skincare and beauty product at home. That's because my mom will sneak into my room and took my things without my permission (I call it stealing which almost made her faint). Locking my room is effortless because she own another set of spare keys. One of these days, I'm gonna go and change the door knob!

Simple Skincare "KIND TO SKIN" Soothing Facial Toner

I love this toner for it contains no alcohol. nuff said! 
SilkyGirl Eye Makeup Remover (NB got this for FREE!)

I got this FOC! Seriously! I went to a Watson store (I forgot when.) near my home to buy the Simple Skincare toner and a BB cream from Maybelline (for a certain metro-sexual man back home) and apparently my purchase exceeded a certain amount that eligible me to get this eye makeup remover for free. I think it's a perk for being the Watson member as well.

Air Wick Aroma Gel (with Essential Oil) - White Peach 

I bought the smaller one that can last up to 30 days. But hey! I only open half of the foil and it last more than 30 day and my office smell great! But I changed the office fragrance the first week of August and put this gel fragrance at boyfie's room. Boyfie love the smell so much. 

With that, I end the haul with hugs and kisses. 

Until next time beautifuls^^




  1. Hey NB, does the garnier gel get sticky on your face or does it have a smooth finishing? You la with Sabah weather.

    1. Hey there msaudreyc, which Garnier are you implying? because both skincare from Garnier in this post are in gel form. But both are not sticky if applied properly. Because they are in tub, most people will scoop out too much to apply on the face-which I tend to do as well. hehe! If applied too much, then it will certainly be sticky on the face. So just small amount is enough. I use the essence first then the moisturizer. It may feel sticky right after application but after your skin absorb it fully, sticky gone! but if I'm going to put on makeup, I will put on oil control moisturizer on top of them because it makes the skin look dewy. me and dewy are no friend. Sabah weather makes the dewy-ness becomes lombong minyak daaa~

  2. The ingredients of Panthenol and Phenoxyethanol contain in the Soothing Facial Toner is the alcohol actually. I found out that muslim market brand toner contain no alcohol whatsoever. Try Syahirah Toner (Frosted glass bottle with pink box packaging). For your migraine I suggest you can take Feverfew from GNC (no, its not for fever). Cheers!

    1. Hi Margaret. About your comment about Panthenol and Phenoxyethanol, I have to disagree. I'm no expert and I even flunked my Chemistry sub miserably in SPM. But correct me if I'm wrong, Panthenol has a alcohol analog structure similar to pantothenic acid, or as we know, vitamin B5. It is the alcohol analog for something else but not a type of alcohol nor it is alcohol itself. The chemical structure is almost the same but have some different part or component. And if I am not mistaken, Panthenol is known as Provitamin B5 rather than alcohol. I'm not sure about Phenoxyethanol but I'm sure it is a type of glycol ether instead of alcohol. But I've Googled just now that Phenoxyethanol is structurally similar to parabens on a chemical level. Eeeks! That's worse than alcohol! But thanks for the info anyway^^ I'll be sure to remember to get that Syahirah toner the next time I'm on my skincare hunting.
      Is the feverfew somekind of medicine? I'm trying to avoid pills and drugs currently. I'm worried if they'll have any raction with my diet drink. Just for the save side:-)

  3. Hi NicaBell, Glad I can share the information with you. Feverfew is a type of flowery herbs. Unless you are pregnant and on liver medication, it can help your with your migraine. You can also consult the in store GNC representatives :)

    1. I c. I'll be sure to look for it. Can't cope with the migraine everyday >.<

  4. Wow, love all the information here. Thanks ladies


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