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Monday 28 May 2012

NicaBell Review: Leptin Green Coffee 1000 (The First Words)

Hiya peeps!

Do you interested on diet? I mean slimming down your weight?

So I am a 5 feet 3 inch lady with 75kg of weight. Yeah, the height and weight I am now does not do any good for myself. About a month and a half ago, I was 80kg. But then I got 1 week of leave from work and went to my mom hometown for a vacay.

I ate white rice with dishes that my mom cook with no cooking oil (or just a little only); like fish soup, braised  bitter gourd, boiled egg, etc.  For 7 days and 6 nights, I ate less junk food than when I was in the city. When I get back to KK, my boyfriend told me that I got a bit smaller. I laugh it off saying: "Awww... you're saying that because you just missed, dear."
While he insisted that I got smaller over the week.

I was only few weeks later, my colleague told me that her friend from the other department compliment me saying I slimmed down. I was quite shock and as soon as I reach home, I went to check on myself on the weight measure. 75kg? I was surprise!

Too bad I couldn't stay in my mom hometown for long. Or else, I'll be so skinny by now. LoL!

So I found this product: Leptin Green Coffee 1000, while surfing on my Facebook. I didn't believe the hype at first but I saw a picture of this local lady, who had tried the slimming coffee, and succeed to slim down her weight within 2 months! I am impressed! Thus, I decided that I would want to try it too!

I bought 2 box of it for a month supply and there are 18 sachet per box.

I am on my third day on the coffee and to say if I have lost any kilos within the 2 days I am on it. No! I think it's too early to lost weight anyway.

I was told to drink it a sachet, once a day in the morning. There should be a burning sensation, feverish like feeling on my whole body. If not, I should increase the dose to 2 sachets. I do felt the feverish sensation so I don't need to up my dose then.

Within these days, I do felt that my appetite are suppressed. I feel less hungry. Anything that suppose to be delicious on my tongue will become blah! I also felt like I could only eat a little and no more snack.

I am hopeful with this product. Finger-cross that I'll get to slim down and wear my old shirt.

p.s: I was 55kg on my early 19. But am 23 and 75kg today. So sad huh!



Update: Leptin Green Coffee 1000 (Day 19)

Update 2: Leptin Green Coffee 1000 (My Final Say)

Update 9Aug2012: Here is the link to the review of the Malaysian brand slimming drink I have tried: Passion Slim (renamed to Passion Slinn) It is a good choice if you encountered the same unsatisfactory result from Leptin Green Coffee 1000.


  1. After drinking the Leptin Green Coffee 1000 for 2 months do you loose some more weight??

  2. I have made another update post regarding this product here:-

    I only drink this product for 36 days. I did lost 3kg after my last sachet. I am using another slimming drink right now. I have just ordered another 2 boxes just now cause I prefer it than Leptin. Leptin is good but just not strong enough to suppress hunger/craving; at least for me^^


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