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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

NicaBell Review: Leptin Green Coffee 1000 (Day 19)

Hiya peeps!

A typhoon hit KK city this morning. The clouds in the sky looked eerily crazy, yet beautiful at the same time. The sky was like looking like tsunami waves; only that they were on the sky.
My office is near to the Likas Bay, which you might guess, near to the sea - facing the South China Sea, shaken by the strong winds. I was looking at the sea, the sky was dark and made the sea water looked greenish blue. So I took some picture of the sea because it was so beautiful. While I admire the view from my office, I heard some clacking sound. I tried to look for the cause of the sound in my office but fail. But I discover my reflection on the window of my office was shaking. I was curious and touched the glass with my hands, and I flinched back! The clacking sound was actually made by the glass of the window. This was only mean one thing, a strong typhoon was hitting KK! I was so scared but didn't dare to go home either. I just sit in the office and pray that the building is safe. Luckily, I am still alive at the moment. Hah!

So back to the topic. Yes! It's the 19th day since my first sachet of the Leptin Green Coffee 1000.

I must admit, I was skeptical of the product but still want to try what it promised.

Must I mention I HATE caffeinated drinks. Coke, green tea, black tea, coffee, etc. I hate caffeinated drinks not because I am afraid I can't sleep well at night. I can still sleep even after a cup of coffee (but not green tea. Green tea's caffeine must be too high, they made me super hyper!)
I hate caffeinated drinks because they made me have a gastric. Caffeine seems to be the trigger for my gastric so I always avoid it. However, Leptin Green Coffee 1000 which stated contains caffeine DOES NOT cause any gastric for me! Yay!

Claim to suppress appetite which I agree. I eat less now. Drink a sachet of the green coffee in a 100ml hot water, 30 minutes before breakfast. I didn't feel hungry at lunch time, but still take a glass of hot chocolate (MILO) or Nestum. I only eat my heavy meal (in lesser portion than I used to) on the evening before 6pm.
I didn't have supper at night time like I often did.

I didn't do any heavy workout but I did some walks in my office.

I didn't experience any diarrhea or constipation after consuming the green coffee.

In short, I have pretty normal daily routine like before having green coffee apart from the meal details.

The agent that provide me the product claim that the green coffee helps to reduce your weight up to 10kg after 18 days. Unfortunately, my result is not the same.

I did lost 2kg though^^

I didn't know how to drink the product the first half of the 18 days. I drank it will half warm water and drinks cold water for the rest of the day. I think that might be the cause of the problem because the product seems to work on me after I consume it with hot boiling water and only drink warm water all the time.

I was kind of upset that I only lost 2kg and not 10kg. But hey! I cheer myself up by thinking, I could never be able to loose 2kg without the product.

So I am now in my 2nd box and will be updating when my weight drop again.



Update 2: Leptin Green Coffee 1000 (My Final Say)

Update 9Aug2012: Here is the link to the review of the Malaysian brand slimming drink I have tried: Passion Slim (renamed to Passion Slinn) It is a good choice if you encountered the same unsatisfactory result from Leptin Green Coffee 1000.


  1. I just got my leptin green coffee today, and I'm on my first packet right now. I didnt really like coffee and actually I never drink any coffee in my life before, I'm currently 21 though. But I must say this leptin coffee however is so strong in taste, so its still acceptable for non coffee lover. I just want to ask do you experience any side effects? Even I'm just on my first packet, but I didnt feel the effect of reduce appetite. But I did. control my food intake today to be less then a 1000. So do you mean the product works better if you drink warm water all the time?

  2. Hi @Lilicblossom, I've stop drinking leptin green coffee since my last sachet. I didn't loose more than 3kg in the month I was consuming the green coffee. I don't experience any irregular side effect. To be honest, I think my appetite was reduced because I was drinking water all the time. My hunger was suppress because I drank more water, i think. The warm water might help and that was an advice from the agent that sold the green coffee to me.

  3. hi. i drank the coffee since 8 June 2012 and yesterday i weight my body weight. i lost 5kgs right after i finished my first box. i do skipped my coffee for few days because of flu. dear, i think you should just continue drinking it. maybe it took times for your body to burn the fat.
    for me, it does really surpressed my cravings not because of drinking lots of water. its because its just really is surpressing my cravings. i didn't really drink 2 litre of water yet i still feel very full. (:

  4. wow! that's great! 5kg after 18days! congratulation!! I stop taking the green coffee because my agent recommend me to try another malaysian product that works quite well for most her customer that found green coffee 1000 is not effective enough like i am. besides, herself is a green coffee consumer didn't just consume green coffee alone. she also use other leptin product to detox. and dear, you should drinks a lot of water when you're on green coffee. not just because green coffee makes you crave for water, it also detoxifies your body and cool down your body heat which some people reported green coffee caused. ^_^

  5. Hi, thanks for the reply, i was actually checking your blog a few times for some replies, I've currently stop drink for 2 days, actually i'm not sure if the product actually work on me, I did not feel that it curbs my appetite, and sometimes i feel hungry, maybe I didn't drink enough water or what. But it also happens at night, because I sleep quite late around 2a.m everyday, but I tried to tell myself not to eat. Anyways, I'm starting to go to gym and jot down everything I eat to count the calories, I do hope to slim down fast because I don't like how I look now, I used to be quite slim but a bit chubby, and now I'm just fat. So anyways, any result, will share it with u later. :)

  6. @LilicBlossom, you only started drinking for about 3 days before you stopped right? This kind of drink needs patience and discipline. Some people do not have instant result. It could be that it will gradually come to you. You’ll never know if you stop this early. When you are hungry, try drinking water or better, foods with lots of fiber such as vegetables, fruits, or almonds. Almonds are my favorite snack. But I make sure to get non salted and non sweetened ones. Limes and lemons are great alternatives for detox. I always have cucumber slice+lemon/lime slice in cold water. But when I am on greencoffee, I drink lemon with warm water. Another tip to cut down your food intake, use smaller plate on your every meal. Try sleep early also. When you’re sleeping, you won’t feel hungry.

  7. thanks for your advice. yes, i do feel the heat in my body but it only happened when i took the coffee for the first 9 days. after that, the warm sensation slowly decreasing. and for the first 9 days also, i often feel thirsty and my throat feels dry. but after that, it doesn't felt like as worst as the first 9 days. my green coffee supplier told me that the warm feeling is a cause by the fat burning. so everytime i feel the heat, i was like thinking that my body is really on going with the burning process.
    maybe you have some tips for my tummy? the coffee doesn't work on it.

    1. Yeah! My agent told me the same thing about the burning sensation as well and encouraged me to drink more water because greencoffee will make users to crave for water.
      Try finish up the greencoffee you have left. While on that, you can try changing your diet? Click this link to read how I loose my weight before i bought and try greencoffee.
      Avoid fried food, junk food, canned food, packaged noodles/ramen, sweetened drinks, any those yummy food:-(
      I am trying out a Malaysian's brand slimming drink. I will find time to blog about it^^

  8. I started using Leptin 800 about 5 months ago. The first week I felt very thirsty and sometimes a bit strange but usually a big glass of cold water made me feel fine. After using 5 boxes I had lost about 2 kg, still eating 3 times a day but smaller meals for breakfast and lunch. Now I drink Leptin 1000 and have lost a total of 6kg over the 5 months. This is a very good result as you do not want to lose weight too quickly. I will continue with the Leptin to help maintain my weight and ensure that I don't overeat when I travel. I think the Leptin helps to speed up my metabolism as well as reduce the cravings for food. I still eat chocolate and other treats, just small amounts.

    1. your tips are great but just not do well for me. because when I start eating something that I have forbid on my list, I would crave for more. Yikes! 6 kg! good for you! keep up the great work!!!

  9. i start leptin tow week now i feel very thirsty and some time a litter strange i drink a big glass of warm water i still eat every thing but in small meals i hope leptin can help me loss weight

  10. Replies
    1. certainly! Leptin Green Coffee only helps to suppress hunger. Practice exercise and healthy diet would increase the effectiveness to lose weight with or without any slimming product. Good luck!

  11. Hi,i just want to know which leptin green coffee 800 or 1000 is the best,because i received my leptin green coffee 800 yesterday will start on monday to drink the product.

    1. Hi! I started to drink leptin green coffe 1000 back 2years ago. My agent recommend me to take 1000 instead of 800 for a more effective result.When i first started it, i feel that it really suppress my appetite. Just a month i total lost 3kg! I consume it for 3 months straight and only stop consumed whenever my menstruation came and consume back after last day of menstruation ended.
      I have stopped consume after that 3months.
      And then i started consume back leptin green coffee 1000 on september 2013...i felt that its no longer have the same result and effectivesness. I still feel hungry all the time, craving for foods with usual same large portion. Why??

    2. I'm sorry that I can't answer as soon, I've been extremely busy. I think the higher the number means the higher dose of the effectiveness? That is just my assumption though. I think the 800 is as good as the 1000 because I have seen blogs where people able to loose their weight by drinking 800. :-)

    3. Hi Anonymous (Wednesday, 27 Nov 2013), I'm sorry that I can't give you an answer because I don't know either. But its probably have something to do with the age? You know, when we get older, our metabolism get lower. That probably one of the factor of why you didnt loose your weight when you started to consume on the september. But I can answer the perfect solution for your craving (0(+++)0)

      Get apples and stock apples in your fridge! Eat an apple (or half of it) 20 mins before your every meal. it helps to curb your craving and fill up a bit of that hunger.

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