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Sunday 3 June 2012

NicaBell: Samantha Brick

Hello peeps!

I LOVE Yahoo!'s Shine~

Yes I really do. The website is very informative especially for the beauty column. I will read every beauty article every now and then. I even bookmark some article that I love (but found out some of them are already removed by now.)

The other day I was surfing on the website, I came across with an article Don't Hate Me Cause I'm Beautiful: Inside the Samantha Brick Controversy. So, I don't know who is this Samantha Brick person. I don't what she looks like but for sure she is some white lady.

Then, I went to Google to look for her DailyMail article here.

I read her article and felt like she is still living in high school. I mean she was discriminated by some of her peers and talked down on.

There are picture of her. She might not have the perfectly toned figure, elongated legs, the delicious full lips, etc etc; she is still considered as a beautiful lady. You peeps might say I am blind, which is quite true as I have spectacles; or that I haven't seen her face to face, well at least that mean she is photogenic. Right?

Oh! You might also say that I haven't seen a lot foreigners just because I haven't went out of Malaysia. But I always have the internet to see the bad, the ugly and the beast.

She might sound arrogant in her article but she sound like someone who is genuinely self-confident. Well that is what any beautiful, attractive ladies do.

It is shocking (for me at least) that this confident woman is hated by the netizens. Some even say " ...this woman is not even remotely attractive, at least by the standard of NY city."
Com'on man, don't compare her to those NY model like ladies. You'd make all other women all around the girl felt bad for ourselves!

There is also a person suggest Brick in the comment to invest in a mirror. If Brick really is paranoid, self-centered, so full of herself, believe me man, you don't want her to invest in a mirror. It will only worsen her narcissism.

I do not know her personally and I would want to. I want to know how she interact with people that resulted her being shun by other women. I would like to know if I would despise her for her look or her attitude.



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