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Monday, 26 November 2012

NicaBell Review: St Ella NY - Quick Eye Styler

'sup peeps!

This is a long overdue review! I bought this eyeliner in 2010 for RM57 or RM60? I don't remember already!

I am unable to give a detail information about this product because I have lost the box and I can't find much information over the World Wide Web too. Please forgive me;-)

Brand: Melilea
Made in: Germany
Range: St Ella New York
Makeup Type: Liquid eyeliner pen
Product contains/weight: 1.1ml/ 0.0367 fl. oz
Main promoted/key/active ingredients: N/A
Claims: Long lasting, made from natural ingredient.

What it says on the box: Precision tip ensures a fine, easy-to-control application. Long lasting. Apply to dry, grease-free eye lids. Opthalmologically tested. Store horizontally.

Ingredients: N/A

Pricing: RM 56 or RM 60

Application: It is surprisingly long lasting! I wore it to work and it stays on put all day IF the eyelids are not oily. The eyeliner is not water resistant so better be careful with that! It is easy to wash off with water but you still need an eye-makeup remover because there will be still a faint tattoo-like residue on the skin without eye-makeup remover. It is not the blackest black in the market but good thing is, if you apply a very fine line on the lid, it look natural. The tip is very fine so that is very easy to control. This eyeliner is my first liquid eyeliner and my first liquid eyeliner pen. I am glad that I learn how to use liquid eyeliner with this. Any mistakes can easily be erase with wet q-tip and redo. 

The size felt just nice in my hand which convenient if you are a first timer for liquid eyeliner pen like I was. 

This product is not available in drugstore which is the downside of it. You have to go to the Melilea sale center to get one. 

I love that:- 
~ Good for liquid eyeliner virgin.
~ Precision tip and easy to control
~ Last all day if the lid is not greasy
~ The not-so-blackest-black color look natural if you draw a very fine line close to the upper eyelash.
~ Buildable for more intense black

I dislike that:- 
~ Only in available in Melilea drugstore
~ Not waterproof
~ RM56/60 is quite expensive for its quality. 

Will I purchase it again? Nope. Mine is already expired now and haven't bought a new one. Not because I don't like it, I still do. I just found another better liquid eye liner that last better and waterproof!

I'll give this product 2.5 out of 5. I liked it when I first use it. But then not so much when I found a better option.

Till then!



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