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Monday 26 December 2011

December 2011 (v. 2.0): NicaBell's Shoes Haul


I bought 2 shoes and 2 slippers.

Yes I was a crazy shopper this December. But hey! I got a good bargain! So let get started^^

I bought the slippers because I think that they were cute. Especially when the color were different from the other one. 

This shoe is so cute isn't it? The cutting is very small and I over heard from the girls who work on the shop saying that their stock comes from Thailand. It got me thinking, "What? Is she trying to say Thai people have small feet?" Sold RM29.90. 

This shoe is so hot, my blog is burning! lol! This is they highest heels I have ever own. But I am glad that it was sold at RM68 only^^

That's all for now. Stay tune for my next entry^^

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