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Friday, 16 December 2011

NicaBell: I Am Floating, I Am In Love~

Helloooooooo Bloggerrrr!

It is certainly refreshing to be back to Blogger! I don't hate Wordpress and it is one of  the best blogging platform that we have around. It is just me who had issues with it and it is too complecated for me to use it. I am an active blogger just recently so that must me the reason for my poor knowledge.
So enough of that...

I am dedicating this post to the SyiokSendiriSisters (SSS)!!! d(=^_^=)b
They are an awesome online shop!! I have been stalking their blog since I-don't-know-when but never buy anything (I am scared of buying anything online). I love looking at their spree, sales, etc because they have many items that they sell that I never own (but I really want them!). So I saw this old post where they sold Brush Guard and make up brushes so I start sending them email and ask if they will ever open any spree or sales anytime soon. They reply me with much courtesy and we talk some opinions about this and that brushes. Talking with them (email) is very easy and I just felt that this is a sincere and serious type of people who are opening a business shop online. I can feel that I can trust them so I decide I could buy anything from this people if I ought to buy anything!

So I was checking my emails the other day and I receive an email from the SSS that they had just opened their Brush Guard Spree!!! My heart went wild and I knew that I have to have them! It is definitely hard to get them here in KK and I have been drooling, wanting them on my hands. These Brush Guard an essential, a must-have item to protect your make up brushes. I have a few brushes currently and they are quite expensive.

I own 4 brushes from The Body Shop (foundation brush, face & body brush, eyeshadow blender brush and line softer), a MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush, 2 Eliantos' (contour brush, lip brush) and a unknown brand retractable fluffy dome shaped brush that I use to apply blush.

Those from Elianto are very cheap but they are still precious to me. I value the items that I bought with my money so I will take care of my things. That is why, when the SSS open the spree, I told myself that I have to get it no matter what!

I also saw that SSS opened some Eye Lip Face (ELF) spree and I saw brushes are on the spree as well. It has been my dream to expand my brush colection and when I saw the ELF brushes on SSS spree, my heart literally stop! They are cheap!!! 11 ELF Studio brushes cost RM95 + RM8 (Sabah postage fee from West M.) = RM103!! It is definitely not easy to find good but cheap brushes around KK. but RM95 is very cheap considering that there are 11 brushes in there. [p/s: they have close this spree around 2 weeks ago.]

SSS allows their customer to make double payment method which means a customer can bank-in/transfer 50% deposits and pays the other half of the payment later but before they send out the items, of course. This is very convenient for me because it will not hurt my wallet!!

And this morning, I just saw a new post from SSS that they are selling a ready stock for Urban Decay items and my eyes just open up for the Primer Potion (Vintage Bottle)!! They have 2 types of UDPP, original and Eden. I never saw the Eden one but I have seen the original one but never have the intention of wanting to have one. Well just because the original UDPP look quite shimmery. May be not shimmery but more like mild sheen. But as a curious mouse I am, I went on Google and found this amazing blog that gives a good review on the  Eden UDPP. Guess what? I'm in LOVE!! It is an amazing matte texture and I really want one!! I have an oily skin so shimmery eye shadows sometimes help the shines to make my oily skin look WORSE! Okay, may be I am exaggerating things. I just don't like super shimmery make ups especially those you can literally see those chunks of shimmer.

Phew! SSS is a great online shop. I believe that there would certainly people who would agree to me on this.

Oh la la~ I am a shopaholic.. No! I am a e-shopaholic!! LOL!

Be writing again soon!!


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