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Monday 31 October 2011

NicaBell: Green Tea

(Copied from my old blog I am moving my blog!!!)

I have a confession, I AM NOT A FAN OF GREEN TEA!!

I hate it. I hate how it taste - BITTER!!

I hate green tea cake, green tea mooncake, green tea chocolate, green tea flavored coffee, green tea sweets, whatever green tea!

BUT! I love how green tea smells like. The smell is calming and soothing for the mind. My bro always bought the green tea air freshener (forgot the brand name) and I really like it. I always dream to use it if I buy my own house in the future. But sadly, it was discontinue selling. I don't understand why. It was a very good air freshener actually!

So moving on!
I am trying to drink green tea currently. I knew all along that green tea contain multiple benefits for our body. But like a child, I hate bitter things. However, my dear father went to China before and bought one type of Long Jing Green Tea (which I'm not sure  which type it was), and to my surprise, tasted very different to many bitter green tea I have tasted before. It was bitter at first try, and it turn sweet and tasty on the tongue. I don't know if it is how its suppose to taste like but that was how I tasted it.

Only my father, younger bro and I enjoyed the taste of the Long Jing Green Tea. Father often made the tea in a Chinese teapot and serve for younger bro and I with some tiny Chinese tea cup. Green tea is best when served hot. That is when the taste and aroma can be tasted and smelled the best. Once the Long Jing Green Tea pack was finished, we weren't able to tasted it anymore. Father told us it was expensive high quality  green tea and spending his last RMB currency in China was indeed worth it. What best about the Long Jing Green Tea (according to father), only a small amount of it is enough to serve the whole family.  No wonder it takes 4 years to finish the whole package!

Originated from China, green tea become associated with many culture throughout Asia and it spreads through many western countries nowadays.

Green tea contains A LOT of healthy properties. I don't want to fill this post for all of what it contains but I must highlight that green tea:-
- is said to increase metabolic rates, speeds up fat oxidation and improves insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance.
- lower stress hormone level (which good for those who work under stresses and PMS?)
- Blood platelet activation, which is linked to blood clotting and the risk of heart attacks. (good news for menstrual period!!)
- anti-venom effect (snakebites!!)
- 2009 study showed drinking three or more cups of either green or black tea per day can reduce the risk of suffering a stroke by as much as 21%
- is said to contain 3 times more caffeine than coffee.

There are many more healthy effect from drinking green tea. Ya'll should google them!! However, reading that green tea contains  3 times more caffeine than coffee is really concerning me. (Note that caffeine is good for athletic purposes, healthy weight loss, and effective in treating the symptoms of asthma.)  I don't drink coffee because of caffeine and how it taste. (like green tea, I LOVE how coffee smell like though ^O^) Caffeine cause migraine and gastric for me. It made me feel like I am moving faster than everything else as well which cause my headache afterwards. So, I think I should lower my green tea intakes like using the tiny Chinese teacup^^

Green tea is good, green tea is fantastic! Every good healthy things come bitter taste but brings sweet endings. I am trying to live healthy and I am just 23 so, why not starts now? It is never to late for anyone of you to join me!

let go GREEN with Green TEA!!

p.s. : just drank a cup of hot 'BOH' Green Tea and I feel a bit dizzy >.<
(NicaBell suggest: drink while it still hot so it won't taste as bitter as it is!!!)


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