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Tuesday 18 October 2011

NicaBell: Perfect Sandwich~

(Copied from my old blog I am moving my blog!!!)

I was searching how to get traffic to my bog and past by this daily post blog. It gives blogger some ideas what to blog every day. So I think, why not! Today is about describing the Perfect Sandwich.

Oh! Talk about sandwich! I love sandwich that sold in this small shop at the end of the KK city. Just pass the Tong Hing supermarket, before the Sabah Port KK. They used white bread for the sandwich and they often squeezed either omelette or ham between the white bread with some slices of fresh tomato, cucumber, and a slice of cheddar cheese.

Ahhh~ just imagining it makes me hungry^^

However, what I think that will make the PERFECT sandwich; it has to be using wholemeal bread! But I have used the white bread that has corn flavour! It was oh-so-tasty as well! It is not as easy to find now though so wholemeal bread should be fine for me. I would prefer that there will be a thin layer of omelette in the bread, a slice of cheddar cheese and a salad leaf. It doesn’t stop there, I would really love it if the sandwich be steamed of heated a bit just so the cheese melt a little!!! It would certainly make my day!

Gee~ too bad that I still live with my parents and 3 other brothers. Every time I bought the ingredient, it will be finished before the next morning. How cruel and how big eater my family can be?

Properties are very expensive here in KK. And my pay is quite low while living in the city is expensive. That is the reason why I always in a tight budget. I can’t afford loans too because I am not a permanent employee!!

Boyfie, I’m not pressuring you to propose to me. So don’t panic now dear. ;-*
That’s up for now!


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