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Monday, 17 October 2011

Update for my life about EVERYTHING! HAH!

(Copied from my old blog I am moving my blog!!!)

Gosh it's been 5 working days but the package isn't here yet!

Urgh! I hate the feeling of waiting!!!! Okay, I'll chill for a while. so please bear with me ;)

So I have been doing some research for the Acer Iconia Tab A501 in the internet. I found out that it is no much of the difference of the previous model of the same brand the A500.  Some gives great reviews on it while others who compare the Iconia to the Samsung Galaxy or other tablets says it's a let down. Of course it's a let down considering they compare Acer Iconia, a cheaper product, to other tablets which is much pricier.

But what can I say, I am getting it for free so no qualms:D

I used to shriek like a little girl whenever I see Samsung Galaxy at the mall. I heard of great review on it. A colleague who own one let me try the device, I have to say, its an amazing device. I am not saying the other tablet is not good, it's just that I have only see and touch the Samsung Galaxy only. Most of those who are around me cannot afford Apple product.

And I am quite busy with my work currently. I need to prepare a minute for our previous meeting for an internal audit. It's exhausting! But in the end of the month, every drop of that sweat is worth it. I need money for my blog material too! nuff said!

I went to an outing with my cousins and their spouse together with my boyfie. We when for a dinner at the McD. I haven't eat junk food for quite sometimes now. Not that I dislike junk food. I LOVE McD actually. It's just expensive here. YEAH! Fast food restaurant always is ripping off their customer wallet here in KK. So back to the story, I ordered their new menu, the Double Quarter Pounder large set for myself, McD Fried Chicken, McD 9pcs Chicken McNuggets, a large cup of Coke and a large french fries for my dear dear boyfie. All for RM 36.++ if I'm not mistaken.

One of my cousin order 2 sets of the Double Quarter Pounder and another set of Big Mac for her hubby and herself. I thought that she will be eating 2 burgers because she is pregnant. But I was totally wrong. The extra Big Mac was for her hubby. LoL! This cousin of mine use to be a stick figure girl and she never finish her burger before. BUT! She definitely finished her Double Quarter Pounder this time. I think it's because of her pregnancy that makes her want to eat more than she usually does. Good for her right! But the point is, she paid for that 3 sets for RM40.90. Unbeknownst to her, she can use that RM40.90 of hers (may be with some extra change for the tax) to get the Quarter Pounder with cheese Family dinner Box! I remember there are 2 Quarter Pounder with cheese, 1 Big Mac, 1 Cheese Burger, 6pcs of Chicken McNuggets, 3 or 4 french fries, 4 carbonated drinks (medium size), & 2 sundae in the family dinner box.  But, I don't think she'll care. She seems like eager to try that DOUBLE QUARTER POUNDER. I must say, I was GREAT! the burger I mean.

We then chat for a while after dinner and decided to watch a movie. We were at 1B hypermall at the time but decided to go to the Centre Point Shopping Centre for a movie because there are not much movie in the GSC movie theater in 1B. There are some good shows I think, but they are not appropriate for my dear preggy cousin (they are some horror flicks! Eeek!)

My preggy cousin's hubby bought us the tickets. Well, there are 8 of us and the tickets are RM7 each. So do the math! We can't decide what to watch but the generous brotha' bought us a movie called What's Your Number starring Chris Evans and Anna Faris. I saw this movie's trailer on Youtube and may I say, it was a brilliant movie. Anna Faris is funny but I just don't think Chris Evans is compatible to be Anna's pair. He need a leading lady like me. LoL! No that's just a joke! But seriously, the chemistry between Faris & Evans are not that strong. And another funny thing about the whole movie experience is that I can hear children giggling. I was thinking, what-the-phat? There are children in the theater? The movie is rated Restricted and there are kids in the theater? I now it's ok for them to be accompanied by parents but they are too young to watch these kind of exposure! Chris Evans talked about how penetrating 'this much' won't count! But still, I think those kids might not understand much. I HOPE!

Oops! I wont too much about everthing in this post. I think it's just enought for today.
See you sooooonnn^^


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