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Wednesday 26 October 2011

NicaBell: The Day I Pamper Myself

(Copied from my old blog I am moving my blog!!!)
Ahh~ I am relaxing all day today.

I went out for a jog with boyfie in the morning at the Bukit Padang. Gosh! there quite a lot people there. Can you believe the late boomers can jog or walk faster than boyfie & I? I got so fat now I think it's time for me to get up and start the healthy lifestyle.

Then we went for some light breakfast at the Beverly Hills shops. Got ourselves Kueh Teow Fish Soup. I took the small bowl and boyfie had the large one. I can't believe that he can still have that huge appetite after a jog!

Then we went home and I do some karaoke alone while he played his MMO. By the time I finish my karaoke, I saw him sleeping. I got a little tired too so I have to join him. LOL!
I found a unused sheet mask on my cupboard today. It was one of the free gift I got from either Watson or Sasa (I think) early this year. It's an oil-controlling mask. It's the SOFIA - Wine & Soybean Extract Mask, Oil Controlling Mask, Natural Skin Care & Beauty Formulas.


It says that:-
The mask is specially formulated with soybean and wines extract, rich in antioxidant properties to help protect your skin from environmental damage and the sign of aging. Infused with aloe vera and Sodium Hyaluronate leaves your skin silky smooth and radiant.

Application for all skin type. Non-alcoholic and non-fragrance.

Made in Taiwan.

I put it on an hour ago. People usually put on sheet mask on their face for 20 to 30 minutes. But I love puting it for 1 to 2 hours, depending how moisten or soak the mask is. I put this mask on my face about 9.15pm or so and it is just about 1 hour. I must say, even though this mask look soaking wet when I just pull it out of the packaging, I can feel it is barely wet now. But it feel so good on my face!!! The cooling sensation  on my skin, how easy to apply on my face, how it could cover my whole face, and how I feel glad that I could pamper myself with a free item!!

Taking it off is easy as well and I didn't go to the bathroom to wash my face. Because what is the point of using sheet mask if you are going to wash it off! Instead, I use my ring and middle fingers, using a soft circular motion, massage it till the skin absorbed them. Ahh~ I am not only feeling my skin is a lot softer and plumped, I can see my complexion is a little brighter. I think that the aloe vera also gives the cooling effect on my skin. It's been so long to get this kind of sensation. The best thing is that it didn't feel tight on my face!! Hooray^^

It feels good to pamper myself like this once in a while. But I don't anymore sheet mask! Dang! Well let see if I'll caught new pimples tomorrow. If my acne prone skin won't act up to the sheet mask, I'll buy the same brand AGAIN!

Anyway, I will update with the picture of the used sheet mask. I forgot to took a picture before I put it on my face.
That is all then.

p.s: Happy Deepavali to those who celebrate^^


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