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Friday, 27 January 2012

Nicabell Is Born On A Lucky Dragon Year 1988

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

It is a new Dragon year! Wish that this Dragon year will do us all good! Weeeee~

Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year is celebrated by the Chinese people as it is the first day of a new year in Chinese Calendar. This is the day when The Chinese will wish each other with "Gong Xi Fa Cai" which means "Wishing You Many Prosperity" in Mandarin. 

This is the most anticipated day that the Chinese had been waiting. It is a glamorous day for the Chinese because we will decorate everything in our house in RED color! Red does not mean dangerous in Chinese community. It simply means prosperity. YES! We Chinese are obsess with money and prosperity. No we ain't. I was just joking! But everybody do wish to have a comfortable life. 

It is crucial to remember to not clean the house on the New Year's day especially using broom! Broom is always associated with bad omen in Chinese old folktale. There is a term in Mandarin saying Sao Ba Xing translated Broom Star which means Unlucky Star. It is kind of a nickname toa person who is said to bring bad omen or unlucky circumstances to anyone near him/her. 

Mandarin orange is the main fruit for the occasion. I don't understand much about it but I like 'em! 

There is another folktale regarding the Lunar New Year which has something to do with firework/firecracker! I hate firecracker but I love it when I was the one who lit it! LoL! Well the story goes in the ancient time, a lion-like monster from the underworld would come to the earth to eat the children. Thus, the people gives huge feast like offerings so the monster would not harm the human. But the feast were never enough. The monster would still devour the children to satisfy its hunger. Therefore, a wise man made firecracker, and lit it on the Lunar New Year when the monster came. The monster was so scared of the firecracker, it ran away! Thus the reason why the Chinese lit firecracker every Lunar New Year. Though the monster might not be seen in the present days, lighting the firecracker becomes a tradition. 

This post show how beauty of my Chinese tradition. I am so glad to be part of the Chinese community. I am a Sino-Kadazan - Part Chinese Part Kadazan. Both part of my ancestors tradition is beautiful. I hope that it won't vanish from the face of this world. 



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