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Thursday, 12 January 2012

NicaBell Review: M.A.C 187 Duo Fibre Brush


I am so happy that my best cousin had deliver her first child!! Her baby girl was borned on the same day and month with my brother and weight about 3.4kg. Baby girl have her daddy face, very chubby!! I was unable to visit her as I was busy with the preparation for my brother birthday party and prayer, to thank God that he was able to have a quick recovery from his accident. 

Back to the title, YES! I am going to give my opinion on the M.A.C 187 Duo Fibre Brush! Yay!! 

Known as the stippling brush and the skunk brush, this brush gives what its promise; airbrush finish!

The bristles is so fine, stippling with this gives an airbrush & flawless look!

It was called duo fibre because the bristles were made out of 2 types of fibre which are black goat fur and synthetic white fibres; nicknamed the skunk brush for its black & white bristles; and also known for stippling brush for the awesome method people usually use with it. 
It is a flat top brush with a metal feral and a black wooden stick. The brush is dense and that would help when you are stippling. 

I use it as my foundation brush and covers foundation all over my face with stippling motion. 

This brushed was introduced to me by Enkore through his EnKoreMakeup YT channel (He is so FAB!!) saying stippling  will help to give a flawless airbrush finish and he show the 187 brush as one of the most popular option for stippling. I was fascinated by it and saw another video (which I forgot the channel's name), she has quite a lot acne scars and I swear, her face look flawless after stippling the foundation with the 187 brush!! It gives me a thought: I MUST GET IT NO MATTER WHAT! 

It cost me about RM180++ (here in KK) and that is very expensive. But I never regret buying it because it really deliver what it promised. 

I have been using it for a whole year last year and I love it! I only have use it with liquid and gel foundation though. I personally thinks that it is a good brush if you are using foundation that has liquid texture. Gel foundation dries out fast so stippling it with this brush smell like a disaster to me. My face looked cakey and patchy because I can clearly see I cannot stipple it evenly as it already dried up. Gel foundations are not bendable with stippling method! 

If you  were to use it with swirling motion or stroking, you will not get the airbrush finish like it suppose to be. I have tried it, and I can see few streak here and there. 

For me, this brush is not a necessity to have in your make up bag. It is kind of a luxury item. It does gives a flawless finish which you can also get with primers and concealers. However, my reason to invest on this brush is because of my curiosity and it is hard to find good primer here. We don't have Sephora or UD here either. All we have here is M.A.C, TBS, SaSa, Watson, Guardian, Clinique, and other high end brands that I don't think have produce primers that I think worth investing. <<-- IDK. May be that is just me. So, suggest a good one for me puh-leeeeaaassse! 

I read some blog saying this brush sheds like craaayyyzzzaaayyy. Hell no! It does shred but it was minimal! I was it before I used the first time, it shreds like 3 or 5 bristles. Wash the second time, it shreds 2 or 3 bristles. And by the third time I wash it, there are no more shreds. 

Comparing the size with the PaperMate retractable ballpen.

If you haven't own one or going to get one, please give it a deep thought. IT IS EXPENSIVE!! But if you are such a curious cat, having one is a good anyway. Just make sure you have some money left till your next pay check! 

Till then! 


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