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Monday, 16 January 2012

NicaBell Review: The Body Shop Face & Body Brush

Wassup guys!

I will be making another review for my favorite brush!

I bought this brush the same time I bought my M.A.C 187 brush. I got my yearly bonus at the time so I got all excited to buy good quality brushes.

I have always been a big fan of the TBS. I love the fragrance, the body butter, the lip pot, the nail buffer, the body scrub, etc. I love their make up even though I cannot wear them because TBS's make up is usually very shimmery and glittery. My face is too oily to add more shimmer to it XDDD

So when the brush was launch here in KK, I was excited but I cannot afford to buy it! Its quite expensive for me who is a student at the time. Then, I remember another friend who love the brushes told me: "Even OPRAH gives thumbs up to the TBS brushes!

As a young OPRAH fan from Malaysia, I got much more excited! It got me thinking, if OPRAH said they are good, then it must be very good then!

It cost me around RM 80++ and I didn't get the whole range too. The reason is because I didn't really need the rest. Well, at the time lah! Now, I think I really need to buy the other brushes into my collection^^

I learn that the bristles are made out of bamboo which I think the most amazing thing about the brush! I am actually okay with animal fur, but I would try to get vegan product if I get the chance.

I say that it is amazing not just because it is vegan, it is amazing because bamboo trunks are hard! The fibres are not suppose to be as soft as this bristles!

This brush is:-
1. Wide tapered brush
2. Very soft, no density
3. can cover the whole apple of the cheek.
4. Would not hold a lot of product during application
5. Could be used with wet and dry product.
6. Never shred even from the first time I wash and use it.

I love using this for applying loose powder to set my make up. The fact that it only pick up a little product helps a lot in the application.

I only have 2 minor issues about this brush.
1. The huge handle eats up a lot of space in my storage. The person who came up with the design might have the ideas that users will leave the brush by making it stands on its flat bottom. But I don't do that. Leaving brushes like that will only let dust, germs and bacteria to sit on the bristles easily.
2. It is quite burning for the wallet just to buy this brush. I feel like I am paying the price of it being a TBS product instead of a brush! And a friend had told me that TBS brushes are quite expensive for synthetic brushes.

Comparing the size with the M.A.C 187 brush. Look at how huge the handle is comparing to the 187 brush!!

No matter what, I still love this brush for what it have done for me. Good job TBS!



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