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Monday, 13 August 2012

NicaBell: Cupboard or Organizer Boxes

Hey dollies!

Most of my friends and family members would definitely agree when I say I am not a neat person.

My room is a pigsty and its no secret. I don't like it if my mom try to clean the room either. It is not like I am proud that my room is a mess. But it's my mess and I remember where my things are in all those mess. So if she come and organize my room, she will throw away things that not suppose to be throw and organize my things to... I don't know where. So my mom does what she does best, nag! She kept nagging how a girl should be neat and tidy and clean and the list just goes on and on and on..... But she is the one who kept putting useless things into my room! Even the bicycle, not mine, was put in my room. How ridiculous is that!? Not to forget a baby crib when we don't even have a baby under the roof and it is not even ours to begin with.

I always joke that I am adopted and I sleep in a storage room, which sometimes is how I feel. There was this one time, I packed and put all those useless junk outside of the house. My mom was angry but I ignore her rage and explain that now my room is bright, neat, clean and look wider. She comes to agree but when there were new useless junk she kept putting and pilling them into my room again.

Anyway, I am in a process to clean my room currently - one of my brother is amused but say nothing about it. I want to rearrange and reorganize my room because I want to change myself. Since I am leaving my unhealthy body image and now slimming my weight down, I decides to reinvent myself. I want to build a good habit. Another reason is that by rearranging and reorganizing my room, I'll get a valid reason to put all those junk out of my room once and for all. I begin my work with the cupboard

I rearranged and reorganized my clothes from what was done by my mom to how Linda Koopersmith from the Beverly Hills Organizer done. I know mom will be nagging on how wrong the folding is and should be done like this, etc. But she'll come around. After rearranging it, I cannot say I am satisfied. I love that my cupboard is neat now but somehow, it did not reach to my satisfactory. And there are 2 compartments my mom use to put some junk as well.

Since I am not satisfy with my organization and arrangement, I'm thinking to buy a new cupboard. Preferably a larger one. But then again I found an old Cosway catalog in my room and saw these amazing pages!

COSWAY catalog: 25 Dec 2011 - 24 Jan 2012, page 86 & 87.
This got me thinking whether I should buy some organization boxes or a new cupboard or both? 

Decision~ Decision~ 

Till then.

UPDATE 18 August 2012: As requested by msaudreyc, here I present you my not-so-perfect clothes organization.

I do not use a lot of hanging space. I only iron my clothes the day before or on the day I need to use it. If I haven't use it, I fold them to save space and to make sure my cupboard do not look messy. I only hang my late granddad's sweater. I wore his sweater when I miss him at night time. It is the most valuable treasure in my cupboard, so far. I fold and separates each clothes in the main storage area. Jeans are fold and pile in one pile, dresses, trousers, sweaters and jackets, and some tees that I use regularly are in there.

I do not put that basket and the shoebox on regular basis. I just made a room for it there for the purpose of this picture.

I usually put this basket outside of the cupboard with a plain fabric to cover it so no dust or insects will climb onto the clothes I have here. Inside are my under garments, skirts, boxers and a track pants I regularly wore.

In this shoebox, I store some boxers, shorts and leggings that I rarely use. It is easier to store this way so when I want to use the shorts that I want to that is stored in here, I can easily find it. I store this shoebox together with the basket above.

This cupboard only have two drawers. I intended to put tees for going out and work wear at the top drawer and house wear tops in the bottom one. But since my house wear tops are not that a lot and those I used to go out is a lot more, I just use the bottom space to fill my nice tops.

See? Baju kurung also in the bottom drawer.
So there goes my cupboard organization. I need to remind that I used Linda Koopersmith from Beverly Hills Organizer. Her folding techniques are just awesome!

One of the examples:-

The inspiration!!!

Even so, I this I need a bigger storage space.




  1. Hey NB, before you by a bigger closet (cause you might end up filling it up with other stuff later on...mana tau)

    What is it that you are trying to store? Is it clothes? One neat trick I found it to roll my shirts instead of folding em ( I get much more space). Photos of your organisation would be nice (cmon la show off sikit urang bilang)

    1. Hiya! sy mau store all sorts of clothes ba. My old cupboard tu may mom yg belikan and coz my mom is a junk keeper, she kept her junks in my cupboard too. Cupboard tu bukan kecil, tp coz my mom put her stuff there as well, x cukup ruang pulak for my clothes. I have a lot of clothes. So with the limited spaces, some of my clothes need to be put in a basket ni. Then I have some other small things that I always keep in my cupboard rather than on the desk like journal, laptop, etc...

      I've tried rolling b4, mmg muat. tp susah mau cari baju. hehe.. I want to coordinate ikut color, material and clothing types. Lagipun, ni mcm ambil chan utk kasi keluar my mom punya junk out of my room ba. I'll put a photo later this weekend ka gitu, just to show how I organize my wardrobe. shees.. I the word 'organize' sounds so foreign in my mind. haha!

  2. hahahahahahah oh bigitu. For some inspiration check out my pinterest account (dari sana ko bulih tengok gambar dari blog, website, tumblr from all sorts of people) great to inspire you in your journey into the world of orderliness :). I love the site and am trying to DIY alot as well. Cant wait for the photo :)

    1. I always go to the site for inspiration too! From that site la I kind of berazam to start and make baby steps on my room organization ni. Plus, I am still sleeping on the same bed since primary school and I still have the geeky study desk. Any stranger will think that the room is own by a kid. haha! So I think I opt for buying a bedroom set. Tapi mau tengok bajet lagi.. haizzz~


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