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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

NicaBell Review: Passion Slinn (Formerly Passion Slim)

Disclaimer: The product that I'm reviewing in this post was bought with my own money. I don't recommend anyone to take a shortcut for loose weight. This product does not suitable for those with diabetes, cardiac problems, etc. Please check with your dietitian or doctor before consume. Everybody is not the same. What works for me, might not works for you and like wise.


This is the review you might (or not) waiting for!

Brand: Passion Slim (renamed Passion Slinn due to new Malaysian rules/regulation/law regarding the word slim and trim on local product)
Made in: Malaysia
Product Type: Slimming Drinks
Product Volume: 10g x 15 sachets
Main promoted/key/active ingredients: green tea extract, garcenia extract, citrus aurantium, guarana extract and aloe Vera.
Claims: Helps to drop weight up to 5kg within a month by suppressing hunger without excessive diet.

What it says on the Box: Keep Fit, Diet-Free. Natural Ingredients. Halal.

Ingredients: Passion fruit, garcenia, green tree extract, citrus aurantium, guarana extract, aloe vera, citric acid & fructose.

Pricing: RM 65 per box, RM120 for 2boxes,RM174 for 3 Boxes, RM224 for 4 Boxes, RM270 for 5 Boxes, RM300 for 6 Boxes, RM490 for 10 Boxes. (all purchase is including postage fee)

I enjoy using/consuming this drink rather than Leptin Green Coffee 1000. Because Passion Slim/Slinn is not coffee! Yay for that!! It is a Passion Fruit flavored drink. Supposedly drink with 250ml of warm/cold water. It taste sweet if you didn't put much water and taste a bit sour if you put more water. Consumer should consume this after food. Energy didn't go down either.

It does suppress my hunger throughout the day. I only eat breakfast and dinner because I do not feel hungry on noon. But I do have light lunch sometimes (but rarely) like an apple/orange/grapes, a cup of milk+a bit of oats in it, or a handful of almonds.

When I was on Leptin Green Coffee 1000, I did feel slight hungry and felt that my hunger was suppressed because I drink a lot water. But with Passion Slim/Slinn, even if I didn't drink water (because I was too busy in the office), I still didn't feel hungry.

Like on Leptin, I don't have the crazy crave on fatty, sweet and yummy foods. The breakfast and the drink that I have in the morning is enough to give me energy all day. It does make you feel thirsty all the time. But water is good, so I don't complain. Just a full bladder all the time^^

How much did I lost in 30 days? 4kg! Yes, I am currently 68kg! YAY! But I did not get to the 68kg with this product alone. Sad~~

After a box of 15 sachet Passion Slim/Slinn, I did not loose any weight. I was really confuse and I really don't get it. I didn't eat much within those 15 days, but why not a single kilo gone down on the scale? It was only on my second box, 19th days I found out the reason.

(WARNING: the below paragraphs might make you feel nausea or uncomfortable. I try to use proper word without making any discomfort for my dear readers. Please tell me if it's not 'gentle' enough or too 'gentle' that you couldn't understand.)
On the night of the 18th day of consuming Passion Slim/Slinn, I went to 'number two'. Please understand that I am not a normal human being because I do not went to the toilet of 'number two' easily. I can go on for weeks without 'number two' and by the time the 'thing' got ripe and ready to be let out, I would spend around 15 to 30 minutes in the toilet. I always went on the scale in the morning. So on the 19th day on Passion Slim/Slinn, my weight drop from 72kg to 70kg. That means, the dump that I release the night before was weight 2kg! Definitely shocking! At least for me.

So I didn't went to the toilet for 'number two' for the next few days and I have to get myself some culture drink to induce 'number two'.
------------------------------------------------------------------------(End of the "WARNING' sign)

Please note that fruits and vegetable as well as water does not help me to go 'number two'. Small bottle of culture drink helps only a little bit for that as well. It was only when certain someone, whom I just know recently who was it, bought 2 karton of LiteYo from Nutrigen that I drink a whole bottle and able to release the 'extra weight' I was suppose to flush down the toilet bowl.

I told boyfie about the new result, he was shock and congratulate me. v(^oo^)v
He even told me few days ago that he want to try on it as well. Boyfie works in the government sector. Though he doesn't feel conscious of his body image, he does worry to spend extra pocket money to make new uniform or buy new clothes.

I love that:-
~ It suppress hunger better than green coffee does (at least for me lah!)
~ Not coffee or tea either. So means, no caffein^^
~ No crazy crave for anything unnecessary or junk foods.
~ No gastric, tummy ache, constipation, etc
~ Tasty passion fruit flavor.
~ Suitable for breast-feeding mom.

I dislike that:-
~ I need to buy culture/yogurt drink to induce 'number two'
~ I didn't lost up to 5kg like it said it suppose to be.

Will I purchase it again? YUP! In fact, I am on my third box right now. Boyfie is on the drink as well. I just hope his weight doesn't went too low because I LOVE MY MAN WITH TUMMY! LOL!

I'll give this product 3.9 out of 5 stars. I don't want to give it a full 4 points because... of the dislike points I have list down. But I did give it a higher points than green coffee as it is a better hunger suppressant.

Till next time.

Buh bye^^




  1. hey thanks for ur review!! may i know where u bought this product?

    1. My friend order it for me since she is also ordering it for herself. If I am not mistaken, she bought it from this agent:-

  2. macamana ..nak hubungi..
    nak beli produk ni

    1. Hi Farid. Saya tak beli produk ni secara direct daripada seller tu. Saya beli melalui kawan. Kawan saya beli dari seller di facebook ni PM jer.

  3. Replies
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      Check out our latest promotion and our latest testimonials from customers...

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  4. I actually tried my first box last month, I'm still on my last few packets.(sometimes I forget to drink it due to morning classes). And what I've realized in the first two weeks is that I actually lost 5 kgs! I did not, however, drink a lot of water because sometimes i tend to forget to bring a bottle to classes and i do skip lunch and dinner because i had no appetite to eat.

    Initially I was skeptical with slimming products because I always believe in the traditional way of losing weight. I am glad that I tried this because it has been 4 years since I last touch 65kgs. I used to be 71kg in the beginning of oct. Can I just hug the person who invented this miracle drink!

    1. Hah! Good for you, Shika! I sometimes forget to drink it as well and able to loose 4kg after 2 boxes is pretty amazing for me. Boyfie was like you, didn't drink a lot of water and caught fever for that. and try not to skip both lunch and dinner. Its not very healthy. Have a packet of biscuits at least.

      If you are able to find the person who invent this drink, please send my hugs as well^_^

  5. Hi, I'm interested in buying this product but since its my first time buying this kind of product ur review helps. I got a question, from ur review u say that only after u drink yogurt u go to the loo. so actually do this product suppose to make us go to the loo a few hours after we drink it?? thanks~!

    1. as far as I concern, no. It does not suppose to make consumer to go to the loo few hours after drinking. PS will not cause discomfort like constipation or diarrhea.
      I have always have bowel problem since my kiddy years and this product do not help in that department. I mean I would really hope that it could since it has fruits in its ingredient list:)

  6. Hi are you still on passion slinn? Hsve you lost further? This product truly works?

    1. Hey Wei Lim,
      No. I have stopped taking Passion Slinn since my last fourth box. I did not lost any weight after that. This product works if you have patience. I stop using this product because I found that I can suppress my hunger without this product now. I am currently relying my healthy diet to loose weight. Its cheaper anyway :-)

  7. Hey, loved the review and for the (warning) section. Epsom salt may help with IDS. I have a similar problem and i use that once a week or so. Sometimes every morning. Just one teaspoon dissolved in warm water. Warning it tastes super bad but it really does the job. It promotes extra water to the intestines and unlike laxitives it dosnt make you cramp or feel uncomfortable! If you mix it with orange juice it can can calm the taste down alot. You can buy big tubs 5kg in pharmacies for only €15.

    No particular brand. Just wanted to share :3

  8. Thanks for your review,Please how do I get this product? Help me please.


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