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Friday, 3 August 2012

NicaBell: Therapeutic Fragrances

One can't see without eyes;
One can't listen without ears;
One can't taste foods without tongue;
One can't feel touches if numb;
One can't smell without nose.

Sight, hearing, taste,touch and smell are five human sensory system. Of all five senses, smell is the one sense that people take for granted. Even myself, when asked by friends and family members: of all human sensory system, which one I can live without? I would say smell. I have even continue saying: Hey! If I can live few weeks on flu, unable to smell, I can live a lifetime without it.

Choi! Choi! CHOI!!!

As I turn 21 and earn my own money, I started investing myself with some beauty product. I spend my money on skincare, makeups, hair care, body care, etc. Within my whole 21 years living in this round earth, I have only bought like 5 perfume for myself. Not that I don't like perfume, I just view it as unimportant thing to spend on.

I didn't think (or believe) that perfumes or smells could give any effect on my life. I do have favorite aromatherapy shower gel when I was in high school, but I never thought that there are any scientific explanations of why I always felt happy or energetic when I use them at the time. Words like 'Soothing', 'Anti-Stress', 'Vitality', 'Sensual' or 'Revive' are just some heavily marketed claims the company put on the bottle. Besides, I don't like scented beauty product. Most scented product that I have used previously made my skin itchy, dry, redness, tight and uncomfortable.

Just few years ago, I came across with websites regarding scents and the effect it could give to our moods, mind and body. I was doing online search on natural alternatives I can use to cure my headache and migraine I was having frequently - due to work & personal stress. So I tried buying room fragrance gel that smell lavender for my room. To my surprise, it works! I can sleep much better, less fatigue in the morning as well!

I have just recently buy another fragrance gel for my office. I was always alone there, with my bosses in their own room. I think keeping a peach smell will make my day much enjoyable. And my bosses also love staying around my area because their office made them stressful. They do not have any idea or even realize the fragrance.

It may be odd to think why I should spend a dime to make my office smell nice because it's not even my home, just office. Well I think of it as an investment for my happy space^^

I love:-
~ Air Wick Aroma Gel - Peach, Lavender, Green Tea (sadly, discontinued)
~ Air Wick (FreshMatic) Automatic Spray - Citrus Zest
~ Ambi Pur Car Odour Eliminator - After Tobacco
~ Ambi Pur Crystal Gel - Lavender
~ Badger Focus Balm (Which I bought from Syiok Sendiri Sisters' spree!)
~ Johnson's Baby Bedtime Oil (quite hard to find nowadays)
~ Palmolive Aroma Therapy Shower Gel - AntiStress, Vitality, Sensual(fav!)

I am sure that I am not the only one that love to invest in therapeutic fragrance. Why not? If I can avoid popping pills that may lead to kidney problems in my later years, I would do it anytime.

P/s: in case you're wondering, Choi is a Cantonese word to be said when someone wish you or you imagined yourself in bad luck. Like the western folklore of touch/ knocking wood to avoid bad fate



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