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Thursday 30 August 2012

NicaBell: I Need Some Opinions

Hey there peeps.

So I have been thinking these past few week but I just can't make up my mind about this.

This blog is a beauty blog but I put some personal stuff, opinion, rambles and rants in here which I think is not quite appropriate. So that makes me think to open another more personal but still anonymous sort of blog. It's personal because I will blog about how I feel about certain things that interest me or current issues as well as about my hometown, Kota Kinabalu!

But the issues are:

1.      I don't know what blog address & name should I use.

  • I have been thinking to input the word "sumandak" (young girl/virgin gir/not married woman/) but if I am going to be married in the future, obviously the word "sumandak" is not going to be suitable for me any longer.
  • Jesselton is Kota Kinabalu old name before Sabah joined Malaysia, before our independence. I always like the name Jesselton and have been thinking to include it in my blog add. But I am worried if people would think the blog is about some  romance chick who is obsess and going  to talk about her boyfriend all the time whose name is Jesselton. You got to agree, the name Jesselton sound like a very good looking man with good upbringing. 
  • putting KK or Kota Kinabalu or just Kinabalu or probably Sabah? But people will thought that it is a blog about traveling and tourism in Sabah. I don't people to misinterpret the blog address and then disappointed that the blog is actually a personal nags of a chick. =.="
  • Kept my original alter ego - NicaBell/NB. Just gonna replace the 'iam' with either the above  options or another one?
2.      Should I even need another blog? Boyfie said I may not be able to manage both blogs. While I think I can manage because there is always a schedule feature here for my beauty blog. I can stock up review posts and haul in advance, right? So does the new blog?

3.      Using the same account with this blog or make a new account? 

  • Making a new account will be a hassle. If I use the same account I can control and manage bothblog easily. But boyfie mention to me about hacking problems. Though I love that boyfie is my voice of reason, his clever mind irritates me sometimes.

So what you think?

Updated 13 September 2012: I forgotten that I have a Tumblr account XD. So I decided to use the Tumblr account as my personal rant blog. I love Tumblr. It is not really a micro-blogging site and not quite like a regular blogsite. A niece once describe Tumblr as a blogsite for the young hip teen. Gah! Who care?! So check out my Tumblr and follow me if you have one. wink!




  1. hmm, I personally find it difficult to upkeep one blog much less 2. But if you think you can do it then get another one :)

    Maybe call it Nicabell In Jesselton? or Sumandak in Jesselton. Even if your married you can still be called a sumandak bah :)

    1. The more I think about it, the more I come to agree with you and boyfie. Lagipun I am just starting out juga and my viewers' count also doesn't show that I have A LOT readers. So I think I just postpone this idea for next time kan. I can just post some personal stuff sekali-sekala...

  2. keep this one as beauty blog and create another one as a personal blog. But you have a tumblr right? why not use that one as your personal blog instead?

    keep nicabell. it sounds unique :D


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