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Thursday, 3 November 2011

10 Shoes I Must OWN!!

(Copied from my old blog I am moving my blog!!!)

Yes! Women love love love love LOVE shoes.

There is a proverb saying: "Good shoes will bring you to good places." And I believe it is true!
Shoes are not just some clothing wear that we must use to protect our feet from harmful surface; Shoes are accessories!!

Women have so many types of shoes. There shoes for spring, summer, fall and summer season! On top of that, we have shoes for casual wearformal wear, to the beach (in this case FLIP-FLOPS!), sport wear, etcs.
I do not own to many pairs. I have 3 for work, 1 for formal wear, 2 canvas shoes and 1 flip-flops. - 7! See, I can count seven with my fingers so that is not a lot OBVIOUSLY. LoL!

I was inspired by a shopping blog in Yahoo! here

No. 1: ADIDAS Sneakers/ Sport Wear

I have been a big fan of Adidas but never bought one. They are expensive here but I adore their shoes!! Especially their Adidas Original line (Adidas Trefoil).

Adidas Originals – Easter Gazelle + Graph Stan Smith

Adidas Originals – Easter Gazelle + Graph Stan Smith

Adidas Supertar II Hearts

Adidas Women's Microbounce Etana Running Shoe

No. 2: Knee or OVER Knee Boots!!!

Dang! These boots are awesome! Sorry, I never wore one so I am so excited even looking a picture of them!! >.<


No 3: Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are rocking women feet this past few years. It used to be embarrassing to wear ankle boots before because most girls wore them with un-match outfits. (if your are unable to wear them with your clothes correctly, you will look silly because your legs seems shorter and unbalance with your torso.)

No. 4: Shoes with STUDS/ Beads

Studs and beads on heels are getting popular nowadays. I want to be in the hype too!
no. 5: Animal PRINTS

I just don't know how to use them before. But a friend teach me to wear simple clothing with jeans or 1 color clothing to rock this type of shoes if you don't want to take risk. (because the shoes is an enough risk. LMAO!)

No. 6:  Strappy 5 inch High Heels!! Eeeek!!!

I only use 3 inch heels not because I'm afraid of height. I just don't dare to take risk. LoL! But one of these days, I WILL BUY IT!

No. 7: Unique BRIGHT Colored Style Heels

They are stylish, and BRIGHT! I wonder where can I get this kind of shoes in KK shops/ mall. T.T

No. 8: GO Nude!!! 

I never own one. It's not easy to find here as well. Because Malaysian LOVE colors!!!


No. 9: "Not Just Black" BLACK Heels 

Plain ol' Black is boring. So seeing these kind of black heels are tempting. isn't it?


No. 10: Lather Pattern Heels 

They might be Synthetic, PU, or real lather. But Lather Pattern sure gives out the classiness on you^^


There goes my 10 shoes I must own - before I.. get old? LoL! Gee.. these shoes makes me drool~ SERIOUSLY!!!


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