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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Haircut! Anyone?

(Copied from my old blog I am moving my blog!!!)


Greeting season is coming, are you getting a haircut? I know I do!

I have been donning layers for years now and I am thinking to cut it blunt! My reason is simple, layered hair is easier to dry out! My hair is healthy, I don't have split ends or yellowish hair ends or dried hair. But I do have that before and I will be freaking out IF I had them. Blunt cut will prevent those. But with my current body size, (I used to be skinny before), I found out that blunt cut would not flatter plus size body. So I might cut the U shape hair. But I often ask my stylist to do the decision for me in the end.

I would want a long bangs this time because my hairline is pushing up! EEEKK! What do you call that? thinning? Not sure! Haha! My last long blunt bangs was  on 2008 for couple of months and changed to side swept bangs till now. I think this is the time I should change my bangs for fresher look. I have a pair of beautiful eyes (at least I think so), So a long blunt bangs would make my eye POP! It also would gives a fresh young look!

I might not color my hair or straighten my hair this year. But It depend how my hair behave. I have naturally straight with a tiny bit if kinky hair on the hair ends. And if the kinks kick out, I will definitely straighten it. I am a perm virgin. I haven't perm my hair before. I am not sure if I would look good with perm anyway



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