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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Accident Happens~

(Copied from my old blog I am moving my blog!!!)

Dear Lord, you have been my friend, my saviour and my father. You listened when I pray for you in hard time. And I am extremely thank you when you save my brother life and let him be strong in this hard time that he is having. And my family is grateful for those who came to visit my brother at the hospital, your prayer, wishes and your moral support. It will be hard without al of our out there.

I was not in any good relationship with my brother who got into the accidents. We always fought for some minor things and he is ALWAYS the one who started it. And as I grow up, his temper got worse. The we got into this really huge fight one day and we become estranged while still living in the same house. We go through years like that and one day, my mom told me that he was diagnosed with thyroid probs which explained his bad tempers. But as stubborn as I am, I refuse to forget how bad he treated me for all those years I was growing up. But, I am finally glad that we were able to close that old chapter. His accident is a painful lesson for all of us. We talked and joked and laughed. He seems fine under his thyroid medication.

My brother got into an accidents last week. That explains my absence in this blog. I have been busy helping my mom to send her food while she was watching my brother at the hospital while juggling with my work. It has been an exhausting week for my mother, boyfie and I. My father did help much which kind of frustrating for us. Don't get me wrong, he did help, but not much. He could have take turn with mother to take care of my brother at the hospital. But he stay at home instead. WTH? He was embarrassed that my brother got an accident? WTF?! Its definitely not his fault that the accident happened! It was the other party's fault and they also report the police saying they were at fault!

He even switched off his cell because his relatives were calling him asking if the rumour about my brother was in an accident was true or not!? Why would you do that? Is it wrong that they would want to be concerned? Is it a great embarrassment if they were to worry? We, who were at the hospital have to look like some idiots when they ask us why you did like what you did.
I can only jot till here. I am super tired I can get a whole long vampire slumber now.

Till then.


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